Easton Catcher’s Gear & Equipment [Complete Guide 2023]

Easton Catchers Equipment


Easton catcher’s gear can be a confusing topic with all the products to choose from. Some of which might not even be new and could just be leftover stock from last season. The Easton catcher’s equipment lineup is one of the most diverse in all of baseball, where they offer a product for any type of player, whether they’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran on their final game.

There’s Easton’s equipment for the youth catcher or the catcher who is starting their first professional season. The youth catcher will be covered by the   Youth Equipment Guide which includes a bat and glove, as well as various other accessories, such as strikes and soft toss mitts.



There is also Easton’s equipment for the full-season catcher who is just about to transition from apprenticing with another organization to becoming a professional prospect. With the transition being so abrupt, much of the gear is what a full-season catcher would need for his entire minor league career. Hence, why some of the gear featured may be well suited for that particular player.

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Unique Catchers Equipment Colors from Easton


Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gold/Yellow, Green/Black/Silver, Green/White/Red, Red. Bats and Gloves: Every player at the professional level requires the proper equipment for their position. Most teams make it a point to allow their players to choose from a wide variety of bats with each player having their specific favorite. The same goes for gloves, with each player requiring a different model.

Catch Glove Selections: There are various brands and models that you can choose from which include: Wilson pro motion catchers gear, Rawlings fastpitch catchers gear, Mizuno g3 catchers gear, Louisville Slugger, and several others.



Easton is one of the leading manufacturers of baseball equipment. They produce quality gear such as baseball gear, softball gear, and equipment for youth in the game. Easton makes softball equipment that is specifically made for female players, who play a different style. Their products range from gloves and bats to catcher gear and more.

The amount of Easton catcher’s gear and equipment available can be confusing especially when there are so many models that are available choices for each level of player and for each catcher’s position. It is important for the younger players to have their own gear that is just right for them. The catcher’s gear can be overwhelming but it is important that the catcher makes sure they get their gear as soon as possible and also at a decent price.

Easton catcher’s gear represents a new step in changing traditional models on how players wear and use their equipment. The Easton pitcher’s gloves are chosen by many pitchers because of the design and feel of using the glove.

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Easton Catcher’s Gear Size Chart


If you are looking for Easton catcher’s gear, then Easton has all the sizes for you. Their website offers a Gear Size Chart that provides detailed information on how to measure your proper size, so you can find just the right Easton catcher gear for your player. From youth and intermediate catchers to double-A and major league ballplayers, Easton’s equipment has been designed with the professional in mind.

Measuring Gear Sizes


The first step that you need to take when considering your proper gear size is to measure the length of the torso. This process is done with a flexible tape measure and it needs to be done in underwear so that the player can be as comfortable as possible. It’s important that you find the largest number under your breast bone. The flexible tape measure should be parallel with the floor, while being held level at your sides. You then need to measure your height at the shoulders as well.

Measuring Leg Sizes


The next step is determining the leg length, which is measured from your groin to the floor. The most common way that people do this measurement is by using a tape measure and keeping it around their thigh at about two inches above the knee. If you don’t have a tape measure, then you can use a string or ribbon and mark it with a pen or pencil. This measurement needs to be done on bare feet and in underwear. The next step for the leg size is to find the distance from your heel to the end of your ankle.

It’s important that you follow these steps so you can get accurate measurements. If you aren’t sure how to measure your size, then it might be best if you went to a professional sporting goods store and they gave you the measurements. A lot of people don’t realize how important proper equipment is, but it’s something that can make a huge difference in performance.


Sizing Guide

  • Measuring Chest Size
  • Arms Length
  • Waist Size
  • Leg Length

Easton Catchers Regulation Gear Size Chart


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Easton Pro X Catcher’s Gear


There are many considerations for the purchase of a baseball catcher’s gear. The Easton Pro X Catcher’s Gear is the most popular among catchers. It has several features that make it stand out from other brands and makes catching a more enjoyable experience.

Easton Catcher’s Gear Products:


ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Equipment | Box Set | NOCSAE Approved | Youth/Intermediate/Adult 


Rawlings | RAPTOR Baseball Bat | USA | -10 | 2 1/4' Barrel | 27'

Featuring a durable, lightweight design and low profile fit with NO-FLAT Lid, the Easton ELITE X catcher’s gear is perfect for any level of play!

Easton’s Elite catcher gear offers a polycarbonate alloy shell that provides great protection from impact and is resistant to breakage. The advanced Fusion cut foam design disperses impact for increased safety. The low profile fit is excellent for any catching style and the NO-FLAT inner shell ensures great comfort for long wear.

Easton’s ELITE gear delivers great protection in a lightweight, comfortable design that moves with you. It’s the ideal choice for elite recreational players!

Pros: No risk of injury.

Cons: Can’t really dive in.

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Easton | THE FUNDAMENTAL BY JEN SCHRO Softball Catcher’s Equipment | Box Set | NOCSAE Approved 


This is an informational and factual blog post about Easton x Jen Schro’s The Fundamental Box Set which includes the most essential pieces of catcher’s equipment to protect and inspire you to play at your best.

THE FUNDAMENTAL BOX SET FROM EASTON x JEN SCHRO is revolutionary new gear made specifically to inspire and protect fastpitch CATCHER’S.


FUNDAMENTAL CATCHER’S HELMET is engineered with a new streamlined durable ABS plastic shell plus dual-density foam padding for comfort and protection.

THE FUNDAMENTAL CHEST PROTECTOR is a best-in-class chest silhouette to provide the best fit, mobility, and protection.

FUNDAMENTAL LEG GUARDS feature an improved shell design for a better wrap-around shin and knee shape for improved performance when blocking and throwing from the knees.

Easton is the official glove of USA Baseball, and one of the most well-known brands in baseball.


  • Nice, protective gear.
  • Perfect for the serious player.


This product is primarily designed and created for girls.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, this is just not for you.  You’d need to find a different set of gear that fits your particular body type.

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Easton | PRO X Baseball Catcher’s Equipment | Box Set | NOCSAE Approved | Intermediate/Adult | Multiple Colors


Easton Catchers Equipment

Easton’s ProX catcher’s equipment is a complete set of top-of-the-line gear. Designed with multiple colors and NOCSAE approved, the ProX reminds us why Easton is the #1 brand for baseball gear.


– Multiple colors to choose from

– NOCSAE approved

– Professional quality chest protector and leg guards that are designed to create security without sacrificing comfort or range of motion.

– Built on Easton’s innovative ProX design, Easton’s ProX catchers are lighter and more comfortable than similar products in the market.

– All of the seams are trimmed and there are no bulges or gaps anywhere throughout the gear

Product Type: Sporting Goods

Includes: Helmet, Chest Protector And Leg Guards

Package Dimensions (cm): 28.956(L) x 43.688(W) x 62.484(H)

Package Weight (kg): 4.


  • Top of the line equipment
  • Multiple colors


– Not as flexible as you may want. But all in all, this product is top of the line. Xtm helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.

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Easton’s Chest Protector:


Easton | ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector | NOCSAE Approved | Youth/Intermediate/Adult 


Baseball & Softball Catcher's Gear

Find out what Easton’s ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector is all about!

In baseball, the catcher has one of the most dangerous positions on the field. Catchers are regularly involved in collisions with runners, often at high speed. To keep those catchers safe, Easton has developed their new ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector.

ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector Overview


The ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector looks a lot like other well-known chest protectors. It is made of extremely dense high-impact memory foam, with adjustable shoulder caps and padded shoulder straps. This is a full-body catcher’s chest protector, which rolls down and wraps around your lower body in addition to your torso. The new features of these chest protectors are the four-point webbing strap system and the neoprene back organizer.

Four-Point Webbing Strap System


The four-point webbing strap system is designed to keep the ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector tightly around your body. The straps connect right below the waist, and also at both sides of the crotch area. The straps are 1-inch wide and made of thick neoprene material with Velcro on each end, allowing you to adjust the tightness depending on how much protection you need.


  • Holds the chest protector tightly against your body, even in high-speed collisions.
  • Neoprene straps allow you to adjust tightness depending on the force of collisions.


Requires breaking in, usually two weeks of frequent use. The straps tend to be stiff when you first use the chest protector.

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Easton | JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Chest Protector | NOCSAE Approved


Easton Catcher's Gear: Adult & Youth

The Easton JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Chest Protector NOCSAE Approved is designed to give you the perfect fit with its two-piece design. It has a compression-molded neoprene second layer shaped to wrap around the waist and sit underneath the chest for added protection. The mesh over the shoulders will provide you with breathability, comfort, and weight management while also keeping your body cool. With the neck guard and collarbone protection, you will be in great comfort and protection from hit balls.

The Easton JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Chest Protector NOCSAE Approved is uniquely designed to give you a better fit because of its narrowed shoulders, slimming ab area, and more memory foam for better protection and blocking. It has a two-piece design which allows athletes to have more mobility while still getting great protection.


  • Great fit and mobility
  • Comfortable and breathable protection
  • Narrowing shoulders gives more mobility & stability


  • Not designed to prevent bruises or broken ribs

Easton | PRO X Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector | NOCSAE Approved | Intermediate/Adult | Multiple Colors


PRO X Baseball Catcher's Chest Protector

Easton’s PRO X chest protector is designed and engineered to offer the best in class protection, comfort, and durability. The chest protector incorporates a double layer design that incorporates a breathable EVAIR foam bottom layer to help maximize fitting and comfort as well as provide optimal rebound control with patented silicone grip abs. Easton offers this chest protector in multiple colors: black, white/black, heather gray/black, and navy blue/white.

Easton’s Pro X chest protector is designed with a double-layer construction. The bottom layer consists of EVAIR foam for optimal rebound and breathability. The second layer consists of memory foam for added comfort and durability. The Easton Pro X chest protector incorporates 4-point webbing straps that are secured to the body by two heavy-duty black coated steel inset waist clips on both sides of the chest protector.

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The straps are secured to the body by the use of thick heavy-duty neoprene back organizers. These back organizers are secured by a single strong neck strap and a thin waist strap that connects to the chest protector’s shoulder cap. The chest protector features an adjustable shoulder cap that allows the user to adjust their fit and lock in their preferred fit.

The Easton’s PRO X is made with a double layer design with EVAIR foam for outstanding rebound and breathability, along with patented silicone grip abs for added comfort and durability.


  • The double-layer double-wall construction allows for outstanding protection and comfort.
  • Provides the best-in-class bounce control.
  • Able to fit those with a wider build and those who carry additional weight.


While the Easton’s PRO X chest protector is an excellent all-around chest protector, it is most comfortable for those who carry additional weight because of its double-layer design that can add an extra inch of cushion between the player and the ball for added protection.

Easton’s Leg Guards:


Easton | ELITE X Baseball Catcher’s Leg Guards | NOCSAE Approved | Youth/Intermediate/Adult | Multiple Colors


ELITE X Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards

It’s no secret that the Easton ELITE X is one of the best catcher’s leg guards on the market. With superior hip, thigh, and knee coverage, it offers more protection than other brands. The ELITE X has a low-profile design with deeply wrapped Velcro straps to provide you with a secure fit. With a smooth outer mesh layer and a solid inner foam layer, this leg guard offers aggressive coverage to protect yourself in the game. This is one of the best elite catcher’s leg guards on the market. When it comes to catcher’s legwear, there are many options on the market.

Easton CX-5, Elite X, and above can be the choice for some but for others, there is the Easton ELITE X. The ELITE X is one of the best catcher leg guards that fit this rule in mind. You can have all the comfort you want on your legs with this product yet you’re still getting all of the security you need as well.


  • The product is very protective and will help you on the field.
  • The design is great and it has a lot of padding.
  • It offers a lot of support as well as comfort.


  • The product is quite expensive so if you are a beginner this might be over your budget. However, it can be used for many years to come since it is so durable.

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Easton | JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Leg Guards | NOCSAE Approved | Small/Medium/Large


Easton Catchers Gear Youth

Welcome to the Easton | JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Leg Guards. With a design from Jen Schro herself, these leg guards are engineered for ultimate performance and protection. Made with premium quality materials and new technology, these leg guards are designed to reduce pain in the inner knees from blocking and throwing from knees.

Unique Features:


IKP+ (Inner Knee Padding Plus): Reduces pain and bruising on inner knees from blocking and throwing from knees.

HIP PROTECTION: Improved shell design creates a better wrap around hips for improved performance when making contact.

HEIGHT CANE: Height cane for measurement of height to the square of the shoulders.

CALF STRAP CLOSURE: Adjustable calf strap closure for comfort and performance.


  • The beautiful design and colors are very vibrant.
  • Has many colors to choose from.
  • Very comfortable and great quality leg guards.
  • Has side cinch straps that adjust to every size.

Cons: Nothing to complain about.

Recommendation: The Easton | JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Leg Guards are a great product that is built to last. They are very comfortable and will have you prepared for the game without wasting any time trying to adjust them. Do not restrict movement at all, which is great for fastpitch catchers in the field; they slide smoothly on your leg while you run around the bases and are very breathable.

Easton’s  Mask:


Easton | PRO X Baseball Catcher’s Helmet | NOCSAE Approved | Small/Large | Multiple Colors


Easton Baseball & Softball Catcher Protective Gear

A predominately black, steel cage with a flat middle bar and ABS plastic shell with strategically placed air vents. Under the ABS plastic shell is a plush pad wrapping to provide protection while allowing for breathable air-mesh and BioDri moisture-wicking fabric. Shock absorbing Poron XRD material is located in the upper crown area of the helmet to absorb impact during play. The helmet’s chin cup design allows for better fit and communication during gameplay.

These helmets have been tested and approved by the NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment). Not only do they meet NOCSAE standards, but they are certified safe for use in all sports.

* Please be aware that these helmets are for the ages 14+. Helmets sold within the 14+ range may vary in color and style. It is always recommended to refer to the size chart.


  • A helmet that is 100% made in the USA or imported
  • Plush padding to provide comfort and firm contact with the bat while feeling less contact on the skin as well.
  • Chin cup system to allow for better fit and communication if needed.


  • You may need to get your head adjusted if you have a big head (we call this “The V”).
  • The helmet needs to be worn tightly enough so it does not flop around.

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Easton | JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Softball Catcher’s Helmet | Small/Large | Multiple Colors


Easton Jen Schro Catcher's gear

When it comes to finding the best youth catcher’s helmet, Jen Schro knows what it takes. With so many different brands and styles of helmets on the market, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs and style. Luckily for you, Jen has designed her own line of helmets with cutting-edge technology and innovative design for a catcher’s needs. It is this very same passion that has made her one of the most acclaimed fast pitch ballplayers in history today. With her own line of helmets and a love for the game, she’s ready to share her knowledge with you.

The JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Catcher’s Helmet is loaded with innovative features that aim to provide fit and protection for even the most rigorous of players. This innovative helmet was designed specifically for fastpitch catchers, meaning it’s created to be a durable helmet that not only looks great but is also top of the line in protection. With a set of comfortable foam pads, steel cage, and sturdy ABS Thermoplastic shell built for the rigors of fastpitch softball, you can rest assured that you will be protected in this amazing helmet.

The JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Catcher’s Helmet is an approved NOCSAE Approved helmet that is excellent for all levels of play. With a shape designed to make it feel lightweight on your head, this helmet is great for the most rigorous practices and games out there.


  • Fantastic fit.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Great protection

Cons: A little pricey, not fully removable padding

This catcher’s flexible mask is a necessity for those softball players that need additional protection in their softball gear. Comfortable and easy to put on and off, this mask will ensure your face is protected against foul balls and even pop-ups during the game. The mesh backing allows air to flow through which keeps you cool as well.



If you’re looking to get into baseball and want to know what gear is best for you, this blog post will help! There are a lot of helpful tips and information here!!

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