Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Traditional Facemasks Baseball Helmet

Traditional Facemasks Baseball Helmet – Pros & Cons


traditional facemasks Baseball helmet


In sports, players are prone to injuries; be it trivial or grave. When we talk about sports, apart from the generic enthusiasm one thing that comes to our mind is ‘safety.’ Every sport has its safety guidelines for the players from preventing injuries.

Baseball is one of the games with the most injuries and the most dangerous position of it is the catcher’s gear.

For a very long we have been juggling in the debate between the traditional two-piece headgear and the hockey-style masks. Which one is better? But there is no solid answer for that.

Some prefer the old school mask, and the others go with the modern one as a mandatory option, if the former one is outlawed from certain leagues.

Let’s dive in to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional two-piece face masks:


catchers gear with traditional mask




Price: when it comes to any sport we often end up looking for the equipment at a minimum price. And of course, the traditional headgears are cheaper than the style masks. It is affordable for all aspiring athletes.

Adjustable:  The sweltering weather of summer could be uneasy for the players in the field with the hockey-style mask. But with a traditional face mask, one can rotate it around to avoid being suffocated as it isn’t covered from all the sides and is at the distance from the face.

Flexible: It is convenient for a catcher to rip the helmet off without getting whiplash when trying to catch a foul ball or any other important moment of the game.

Comfortable: Since it is light weighted, these masks do not look overbearing to your head or to move and strip it off whenever needed.

Popular: The traditional face masks have often attracted the younger crowd due to their cushy handling and affordable price. Overall, it is popular and seen used by players of all age ranges.

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baseball catchers masks youth



Vision: Although the two-piece face masks are handy, it could be bulkier from the inside, in order to cover the mouth and jaw area, also the forehead. It hinders the vision to distinctly have an eye on the opponent, foul balls. And collision to dodge and to see the field vividly.

Coverage: If the traditional masks allow a player to easily get away from the mask, remember it is because of the lack of coverage of the ears and the back head area. For the catcher’s it is extremely necessary to detect the risks, which they might face in choosing a particular helmet. And abstain from concussions and any kinds of hearing disability.

Instable: One other negative aspect of the traditional-style helmet is that these masks don’t remain fixed in their position when a catcher jumps abruptly.

In conclusion, each traditional style of face masks have their own pros and cons. And have been designed to target different needs, accordingly. But ultimately it’s always an individual’s choice whether they wanted to feel safe or be comfortable.

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