Nike Baseball Catcher’s Gear Set [Complete Guide]

Nike Catchers Gear Great Equipment For Your Game

It is no big piece of information that Nike is one of the biggest multinational company for manufacturing. It is also for worldwide marketing of numerous sports accessories, apparel, footwear, equipment. Nike also indulged in the design and development of the products in the worldwide physical and online market. Nike catcher gears for adults are also available.

Even a dense person who lacks knowledge in sports know that almost every popular athlete trusted the brand and we could often witness in the TV commercials and billboards on the highway or expressway, even on the internet, web ads, magazines, newspaper, etc.

There is no secret that even Nike likes to endorse the brand with the most popular faces in sports, which automatically attracts the budding athletes to be more inclined towards it with enthusiasm.

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How Do I Get Nike Catcher’s Gear?

where can i buy nike catchers gear


A sports fanatic would always know which brand to choose to uplift their game, they would also want to follow the footsteps of their sports idol.

When it comes to buying sports equipment, one is always very careful about the brand they are going for. If you’re a newbie player then there are plenty of options in the market for your rudimentary level skills, but if you’re an experienced player then you are probably the master of knowing the qualities of each and every brand, along with their pros and cons.

Also, players who play for big leagues most probably have their own choice of brand, like their personal favorite and there is nothing more comforting than having one particular brand that you can trust without any second thought.

 Nike is not only a prominent company but also the most trusted brand amongst the top athletes of the world. If the banners, advertisements, and endorsements by famous athletes aren’t enough to entice you, then the slogans of the company will surely motivate you to pursue a career in sports.

When it comes to equipment which a player use during a game is supposed to safeguard them and make them comfortable or filled with convenience in the grueling and pulsating atmosphere. There’s nothing more nerve soothing for a player on the field to hold or wear the brand they love for their better comfort.

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More About Of Nike Catcher’s Gear Equipment


The duty of a Catcher in baseball is to catch a pitcher’s throw and make sure to out the batter. A catcher cannot afford to miss many hits if they wanted to be a part of the victorious team. It is a risky and competitive position out of all the fielding positions, but the duty of a catcher’s gear or this type of gear is that to keep a Catcher protected throughout the game.

Being comfortable and protected is the most important thing for a Catcher as the job demands them to be quick, strong, who can throw and block balls from the dirt in the ground. The right equipment will always pull the players out of the discomfort and injuries. Nike although produces a number of sports equipment pertinent to a player’s position in the game which can be owned by anyone; from recreational/occasional players to professional, inexperienced to experienced.

 If you’ve been keeping a tab with the brand then you’re already aware of the despairing fact that lately, Nike hasn’t really released any Catcher’s equipment in the online market, but this list will give you an idea about some of the best Nike catchers gears are available on the market.

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Other Famous Competitive Brands Of Catcher’s Equipment


There are lots of famous competitive brands of best catcher gears or equipment in the market like:

The main motive behind all the reputed brands is to design the equipment in a very precise way so every size of players would feel comfortable and mobile with light Weighted yet sturdy fabric laced with modern technology.

A Catcher’s gear comes with the best Catcher’s Mitt, Chest Protector, helmet, and protectors Leg Guards.

Best Nike Catcher’s Mitt


The main work of a catcher is obviously catching the pitcher’s throw and boost their confidence. And to catch all kinds of hits a Catcher needs in a glove. Not regular gloves, not just a glove, but a glove designed to combat against the foul balls and wild throws and also benefitted the catcher for high-speed catching.

Best Nike Catcher’s Mitt

Catchers needed to stay motivated throughout the game to make the pitchers look good and confident. You cannot be someone’s support if you don’t have it for your own.

A catcher’s mitt provides comfort with its high-end leather and lightweight padding inside which prevents palm and wrist injuries by the aggressive balls.

However, there is only a handful of Nike’s Catcher’s mitt available in the market:

Nike Chest Protectors


The catcher’s chest protectors are layered vests with light padding to not overbear the player while squatting behind the plate. It helps the catchers to cover the shoulders, collarbone, chest, and abdomen from being attacked by the collision of balls to the body.

DE3539 Chest Protector


It is a light-weighted, four-layered constructed chest protector, which makes it easier for the Catcher to concentrate on the ball without being weighed down and insecure. It is the perfect chest protector for the protection of a Catcher. The four layers of padding wouldn’t let the catchers overwhelmed by the thickness or slow down their pace. It is available in 5 shades of colors.

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  •       Lightweight
  •       Good for the price


  •        Takes time to break-in

Nike De3539 Chest Protector

Nike Gold Pro Chest Protector


The ultra-light, dual-density energy padding in this chest protector is gold for the players for keeping their performance intact even in the sweat-filling sweltering weather and its ventilation system helps to dry the sweat and make the player cooler at a quicker rate. This Gold Pro Chest Protector is designed to increase flexibility for the catchers while maintaining comfort.


  •       Durable
  •       Lightweight

Nike Pro Gold Precision Chest Protector

Nike Catcher’s Mask


There are two types of Catcher’s masks; one is a traditional two-piece mask and the other is a hockey-style goalie mask.

They are both designed differently and have unique features. A catcher’s mask is used to protect the player’s head. When the ball leaps almost touching the head of a Catcher, it’s the helmet that saves the day.

Note: You need to choose the right style of the helmet to play on the field as traditional masks are comfortable, but with minimal safety, while the hockey-style masks secure the head and face with full coverage yet they are hard to rip off.

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DE3539 Catcher’s Helmet


This Catcher’s helmet is a hockey-style modern mask. Now a baseball player would surely know that hockey-style masks are in demand for their better protection. It is designed with a contoured facemask for excellent visibility and fit. Dual-density foam padding offers comfortable protection. The chin-up is covered by the moisture-absorbing fabric which keeps the players dry and comfortable in the scorching hot weather when one is heavily sweating in the field. ABS shell provides durable protection, as it doesn’t crack in the cold weather or burn the hot weather. It has a Nylon-coated solid wired faceguard.


  •       Durable
  •       The bright paint makes it stylish looking
  •       Comfortable and has good protection against fastpitch balls


  •       Too small

 Nike De3539 Catchers Mask

Nike Catchers Leg Guards


A Catcher needs more protection in the leg region as their job demands them to crouch on the field as long as the game survives. Shin guards are imperative for the catchers to avoid the negative impact of the ball on the leg, which a Catcher could not afford to if they want to continue the rest of the game. They are lightly Weighted to be donned without hassle.

DE3539 Leg Protector


This Nike’s leg protector gives maximum coverage to the leg till the calf which gives stability for proper mobility to the catchers behind the plate. It is engineered for fast drying and cooling.

Nike De3539 Leg Guard

Nike Catchers Full Gear Set


The four basic equipment for a Catcher above mentioned could be found in a single gear set or one can buy it individually, but buying a gear would be much easier and a lot more time saving for a novice player who has a lack of experience regarding the game or its equipment and it costs lesser than buying separately.

Nike manufactures one of the best Catcher’s gears from time to time, but sadly there have been few releases online at Nike’s official website, but there are still some available on Amazon or you could check the physical market.

DE3539 Catcher’s Gear Set


A right gear set can set a Catcher free to tackle all the hits and face the struggle behind the plate. This Nike’s Catcher Gear is constructed to make a Catcher free to move with a comfortable fit. This gear set is still available in the market and is in greater demand.

Nike Catchers Full Gear Set


Nike Youth Series


Youth players face the most difficulty while picking the perfect gear for their size as they are still growing and learning. This Youth series gear is perfect for young and passionate players. Quit looking for a matching leg guard for your already existed face mask or best youth catcher’s chest protector or gloves. Why struggle when you are getting a full gear set and that too from a renowned brand per se.

This series can be used for both recreational and professional games. Each and every piece of equipment is well constructed in this series, which pays attention to the comfort and protection very diligently from head to toe for a young player.

The helmet is meant to cover the back head and face, chest protector is very light yet sturdy which can be used for several seasons. The mitt and the shin guard on the other hand promised to give the most mobility.

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Nike’s swoosh logo is a reassuring sight in the sea of brands in the market. When you see no destination, and also the most coveted brand to own. Whether you are a professional athlete or a sports lover, you wouldn’t mind missing the best equipment or catcher’s gear of Nike. Nike has produced in the market, not by any chance.

FAQ – Nike Catcher’s gear


Is Nike Catcher’s gear available?


A lot less in the retail stores, but you can find a few of the gear set online to purchase.

Does Nike release individual equipment?


Yes, both individual and full gear sets.

Is Nike Catcher’s Gear expensive?


Some of them are yes, but they are worth to be spent on

Does Nike produce youth gear?


Yes, they manufacture both youth and adult gear.

How many shades does Nike Catcher’s gear have?


Four to five.

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