Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear Sets [ Complete Guide 2023 ]

Fastpitch softball Catchers Gear Sets

Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear


Are you also looking for the best fastpitch softball catchers gear? If you’re looking for catcher’s gear sets, you’ve come to the right place. If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. This article will help you to guide with one of the best catchers gear that is most appropriate and decent.

Also, you won’t regret your decision to purchase it. Fastpitch softball catcher’s gear is an important piece of equipment for a catcher. The main purpose of the fastpitch softball catcher’s gear is to protect. A catcher’s set is made up of the catcher’s mask, chest protector, shin guards, and protective cup.


Fastpitch Softball is a version of the traditional American sport, Baseball, which is played with a smaller ball and without the designated pitcher. The rules of Fastpitch Softball world inflate the number of players on each side to 9 and allow for an equal number of batters and fielders. Fastpitch softball is a variety of the sport of softball, distinguished by a more-graceful, longer arc to the ball when thrown. All the sets of wear protective gear listed here are the best pieces of softball equipment with the Avant grade quality and long durability.

It is an essential part of the match to get an adequate gear set that assists and serves you efficient results. Moreover, your gear set should be comfortable, which means it should be of your size, and you must get one from a reliable company. Other brands of softball catchers gear sets might damage your skin and look bad for you. So, let’s check out some of the best Fastpitch softball catchers

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Our Best 3 Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear

Easton Softball Catchers Gear

  • It provides a four-strap system with a custom fit.
  • The double knee design shape.
  • It has all sizes to offer for every age range.
  • The leg guards also come with a breathable liner to keep you cool especially crouched down in the hot sun.

Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear

Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Boxed Catcher’s Gear Set
  • More personalized neck pad with more bells & whistles.
  • New removable K-Pad construction in the knee area to enhance a better fit.
  • comes with three levels of high-quality three-layer EVA foam padding for comfort surrounding your head at all times

All Star Vela Pro Catchers Gear

All-Star Vela Pro 14.5″ Fastpitch Catcher’s Set
  • It comes with removable shoulder caps to enhance versatility.
  • The best features of these leg guards are their adaptability and mobility.
  • It is built using a forward-thinking design and uses high-impact resistant ABS plastic.


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Check out some of the astounding fastpitch catcher’s gear listed below. Hurry up!

Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear That You Must Know About

– Shop around! There are so many different brands out there nowadays that specialize in catchers gear Gear for fastpitch softball includes gloves, batting gloves, catchers gear, outfield equipment, and cleaning supplies.

Gear for fastpitch softball is included in some good products mentioned in this article including Mizuno, Easton, All-Star Vela Pro, etc.


1. EASTON THE FUNDAMENTAL – Best For Youth Catchers


Easton Jen Schro The Fundamental Fastpitch Softball

Easton The Fundamental fastpitch gear has been put forth by one of the top instructors and the most influential coach, Jenn Schroeder. It has made its place in the list of top choices in fastpitch catchers gear adult for 2022. great job!

It has all sizes to offer for every age range:-

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large sizes.

What’s the most attractive piece of equipment on this set?

Chest Protectors


The fundamentally best feature of the Easton set is the chest protectors guard within this set. This is because of the exceptional following advanced features that it offers:-

  • It provides a four-strap system with a custom fit.
  • The chest plate of this set consists of a premium grade double ABS plastic shell and a resistant cage for maximum protection.
  • It is light in weight and easy to play with, unlike the old days when it used to be bulky.
  • The Fundamental chest protector is perfectly crafted using High-density foam padding to provide extra protection in the neck and collarbone areas

Leg Guard


The next item that enhances the worth of the set is the Fundamental leg guards, which are more strong and long-lasting than others. Protector and leg guards are designed to protect the legs, hips, and ankles from injury during physical contact. The adjustable metal buckles is often used as a closure for leather belts and other such items. Protector and leg guards are made of premium grade, solid ABS plastic In addition, it also offers the noticeable feature:-

  • The double knee design shape and shin coverage both have been applied to the leg guards to provide better coverage, comfort, and more support.
  • Leg guards provide protection for your legs contain super lightweight and feet against stones, sticks, thorns, and other sharp objects that may puncture the skin.
  • The leg guards also come with a breathable liner to keep you cool especially crouched down in the hot sun.
  • knee padding and a deep cleat style.


Fastpitch Softball Helmet


The durable helmet makes the set complete. It’s like the final piece of the puzzle. ABS plastic has been used in construction to increase durability. Furthermore, to provide additional protection to the face, it uses a steel cage system to protect the face area from foul balls or any other uncertain danger. Also, the Fundamental helmet uses sleek glossy paint that looks professional and attractive to the players.

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2. ALL-STAR VELA Pro – Fastpitch Women’s Adult Catcher’s Set


all-star vela pro 14.5

Another most popular brand for catcher’s gear sets is the All-Star catcher. It has been designed especially for advanced and competitive players of high pitch softball. So, if you want the best catcher’s gear, that too at a reasonable price point and affordable option, this set can be the best pick for you all star vela pro 14.5″ fastpitch catcher’s set.

What’s the most attractive piece of equipment on this set?

Chest Protectors


The chest protector is a famous piece of equipment built from The all Star . Its notable features include:-

  • It has been tried to make it unisexual, for which the shoulder area was kept a bit narrow to fit the female player better.
  • It comes with removable shoulder caps to enhance versatility.
  • The narrow shoulders area also provides the catcher with increased mobility and enhanced coverage.
  • In the case of a game like a softball, the prone areas like the Based on the armor the face In the throat, collar bones (The collar bone is the long bone at the top of the human arm, connecting to the shoulder blade.), and chest have been placed alongside high protective plates for additional security.

Leg Guards


The best features of these all Star leg guards are their adaptability and mobility. It allows players to even wear shorts during the summertime. The legs guards is because it uses a DeltaFlex harness so the straps do not dig in like they would in the absence of this feature. shin guards are also easy to adjust with the quick release buckle system.



The helmet of the All-star series is the MVP2500 helmet that comes with apt protective layers at just the right spots. Many baseball players wear catcher’s helmets that are made of steel cage. If you’re a catcher in baseball, you wear a steel cage on your head to protect your face and skull from the bat. Its high tech features include;

  • It is built using a forward-thinking design and uses high-impact resistant ABS plastic.
  • For another layer of safety, the back panel has been designed to keep the straps all to provide additional protection to the faces fastened in place.


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3. ARMOUR VICTORY SERIES – Best Youth Fastpitch Gear


custom catchers gear under armour

This popular catcher’s gear is the best fit for youth catcher players and athletes. The armor victory series is known to have put much effort in the research and analysis to provide the es custom equipment to the youth players.

What’s the most attractive piece of equipment on this set?

Chest Protector


The Victory Series chest protector has an edge over other chest protectors in terms of the following traits:-

  • It comes with the ability to deaden softballs on impact, which is beneficial if you’ve got a bit of a wilder pitcher on the mound.
  • It is extremely adjustable from all its edges to bring about the apt body fit.
  • In addition, Catchers gear under armour has further provided youth catchers two-light adjustable shoulder extensions for female players.



On the basis of looks, this helmet is one of the most polished and high-quality equipment. In addition to that, the makers used an abs plastic shell and a steel cage to deliver superior protection. Additionally, to looking nice, it also consists of:-

  • High impact ABS plastic feature allowing it to take more suffering.
  • Advanced cleaning features around the chin and head area so that the lining does not stink so quickly.

Leg Guards


Lastly, there are the double knee-designed leg guards in the armour victory series. These leg guardsare professionally designed containing:-

  • shin guards to provide the necessary coverage around the knee area.
  • high-impact plastic with thick protective layer pieces in the high usage areas.
  • An extra gel pad has also been provided to provide more reliable impact and ultimate protection within the knee area.


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4. MIZUNO SAMURAI – Great Choice For Youth


mizuno intermediate samurai catcher's set

It is the most popular catcher’s gear set for 2022 adults, especially in intermediate sizes.

What’s the most attractive piece of equipment on this set?

Mizuno Samurai Chest Protectors


Chest protector of the Mizuno Samurai series is the best pick to fit a woman’s body. The Samurai G4 uses many excellent level traits including:-

  • More personalized neck pad with more bells & whistles.
  • Mizuno catching gear has reduced the weight of the older version, allowing you to remain always in control.
  • Reduced rebound technology

Leg Guards


The top feature of the leg guards/ shin guards of the Mizuno Samurai series include:-

  • New removable K-Pad construction in the knee area to enhance a better fit.
  • Stainless steel clamps to avoid any breaking shortly.
  • Strong and reliable quality.
  • Multi-layered padding for less rubbing.



The last item is the protective helmet, which comes with three levels of high-quality three-layer EVA foam padding for comfort surrounding your head at all times, which reassures that you will be safe. Another detail that makes the helmet so superior is its air vents. The ultracool ventilation keeps the catcher protected and at ease at all times giving you additional peripheral vision. It proves to be very beneficial on a humid day with your head stuck inside a mask.


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What To Look For While Looking For the Best fastpitch Catchers Gear – Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear Sets


To get the best catcher’s gear, one must put focus on the quality and durable material and type of accessories and their extent of protection to maintain a perfect balance.

The essentials of best catchers gear sets include:-

Chest protector and leg guards may be a part of a players right gear, but they are not only that. Chest protector and leg guards may make the difference between walking away from a ballgame with bruises and walking away from one with broken bones.

Helmets provide superior protection to the face, thus it needs to be completely secure. However, strategic ventilation is a must to enable comfortable movement of the head.

The major part of a leg guard is the knee pads as it’s essential that you can bend and run with superior comfort, for which there must be additional padding for comfort and knee protection.

Chest protection is a must as the complete upper body protection is dependent majorly on it.

The importance of finding the right and best-fit catcher’s gear is massive as the entire performance depends on the equipment he is carrying. This is major because his performance is directly or indirectly a reflection of three major factors of the quality of catcher’s gear:-

  • Level of protection
  • comfort
  • Fit

The above-mentioned gear kit is the four most popular gear available. However, what’s best for you would depend upon the correct size and the right type depending upon your game. Thus, you shouldn’t decide in hurry and rather follow the accurate sizing chart to get the most suitable gear for you.

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Look for Certifications


Since the catcher’s gear has a direct impact on the game of the players, the quality-rich types of equipment must be given preference. To ensure the best quality, one must look for certifications before making the purchase. The most worthy and reliable certifications include:-

  • NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)
  • NFHS
  • The MLB
  • The NCAA.

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Conclusion – [ Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear ]


A quality many catchers gear is an essential part of a fastpitch softball. To purchase the best set there are several points that you need to consider like getting it from a reliable brand, should be of your size, and a lot more. A perfect best catcher gear sets plays a significant role in an efficient and effective game. Moreover, you must have an adequate set of gears as it will help you in building the focus and you will not get distracted from the game. Follow up with some of the best catcher’s gear mentioned above. They will help you in making your task much easier. Go for it!

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