Best Girls Softball Catchers Gear [Buying Guide 2023]

Best Girls Softball Catchers Gear

Best Softball Catchers Equipment


The best girls’ softball catcher’s gear must be designed for the easiest, most comfortable catching of a ball. A good catcher will need to have gear that is durable, fits well, and has all sorts of specialized features for the catcher’s body type. Catchers are always on their feet and must be able to easily move quickly around the bases or up and down behind home plate. They also need to be able to go long periods without getting tired or fatigued from standing in one spot for hours on end with only minimal breaks.

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Our Top Picks [Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Gear Sets for Girls]


Under Armour Women’s Catching Set – Best Youth Fastpitch Gear


Under Armour Catcher's Gear

This Under Armour Catchers gear Set has high-quality padded gear with a double knee design to provide the most comfort for your daughter. It comes with a jersey, pants, cap, and helmet. The padding is gently curved to provide a great fit around the body and not be too bulky or inhibiting. The inside of the gear is made from moisture-wicking sweat fabric that will keep her dry and comfortable for hours of practice and games. This catching set is best for ages 9-12, this set provides maximum comfort, protection, and flexibility at a very reasonable price.


  • High-quality padding for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight gear for long periods of standing or running around.
  • The helmet is adjustable to fit every size and shape of the head.
  • The padding inside has a cool mesh design that prevents excess heat from getting to the back of her neck.

Cons: None.

Mizuno Samurai Women’s Catcher’s Gear Box Set


This Mizuno Catchers Gear Set has the best combination of quality, design, and comfort. The catcher’s gear is made with high-quality materials and innovative design details to provide the greatest protection possible. It will fit your daughter perfectly and provide maximum protection for her body.

The chest protector is constructed with a Low Rebound Foam with a specially designed grippy surface to help keep balls in front of you. The shin guards feature Mizuno’s patented K-Pad construction for superior comfort and knee protection. Finally, the gear set comes with an adjustable helmet that is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long.


  • All the protective gear in one box! chest protector, shin guards, and helmet.
  • The most protective gear in this list of top picks.
  • This is the only set that includes a helmet.
  • The gear will fit your daughter perfectly and provide maximum protection for her body.

Cons: None.

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FAQ’s [Best Catchers Gear for Fastpitch Softball]


Q. Is there a minimum age for girls to play softball/baseball?


A. Softball players can play with a mask and no chest protector, but no more than that. There is no such thing as “too young” or “too old” for softball, and playing at a younger age may be more enjoyable for your daughter and help her learn the fundamentals of the sport sooner.

Q. What is the best possible age to start playing softball or baseball?


A. The best age is when you have an interest in sports and want to be the best at a certain activity. In this case, your daughter’s passion for softball may coincide with yours, and you will want to find a team that allows her to be part of the loop as early as possible.

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