All-Star Catchers Gear [Quality Catchers Gear Set Reviews 2023]

All-Star Catchers Gear Reviews


best all star catchers gear


It’s difficult to analyze which brand you should go for to buy a catcher’s gear set, isn’t it? To ease your task let’s give you a brief about the All-star company and a lot more facts about them.

All-star company has been in the limelight for several years and has also been profound in manufacturing high-quality products. The product involves gear for basketball players, softball players, and umpires. Hence, Whenever you are confused regarding the best protective gear, you can blindly trust the quality of All-stars, and undoubtedly it is going to be your best decision.

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Altogether the most impressive fact about the company is that the statistics have shown moderately fewer defective pieces. The company guarantees that the product will live a longer life than any other product, and you will rarely ever be returning any of the products, causing a single issue.

Why Should You Choose An All-Star Catcher’s Gear Set


There are various reasons why you should choose All-star: All-star is always known for its quality products and has produced Avant-grade tools. They have built and maintained goodwill in the market so far. So, people very well know that they are buying long-lasting and highly protective products. It has now become an eminent name and is thriving to sustain that trust factor in its users. The brand has reached the next level, and has become very popular among catchers, and is also worn by several professionals while playing.

All-star assures its customer’s the quality and long-lasting products. They rely on the policy- your passion is customer satisfaction.

Here Are Some Of The Best Products Of All-Star

ALL-STAR CATCHER’S HELMET – [Best Youth Catcher’s Gear Set for Baseball Catchers]


According to the looks, the System 7 catcher helmet is pretty attractive to look at, there are various colors available, one is single color finishing and the other is two-tone color finishing. Now, let’s talk about the protection, the helmet is designed keeping in mind a motive to provide a shield to the user.

The ABS shell is designed to put up with a high impact and permits better protection of the head. Also, it has an additional forehead thickness added to its key area that works wonders in protecting the user. Another catchy feature of this helmet is the backplate that is attached to the back of the helmet which keeps the snaps in place permitting a tied up and protected fit around the skull.

Look at this amazing helmet:

all star catchers helmet

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ALL-STAR TRADITIONAL MASKS [Baseball Catcher’s Gear]


The player series masks of all-stars have an ABL shell keeping the head secured and protected. It has been designed for players of all levels be it beginners or trained professionals. Also, it is an extremely affordable mask as most of the masks are above $50. It also has a sheltered chin pad that gives the catcher a wonderful sight of the field. There are multiple colors available as per the customer’s need – black, nay scarlet, and navy blue. Now, for those who are ready to spend some more money on the advanced features series 7 has been introduced.

Check out the best Mask:

all star traditional masks

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ALL-STAR CATCHER’S MITTS – [Catchers For Youth]


all star catchers mitt


All-stars have come up with a huge variety of best catcher’s mitts like open back, closed back, Velcro straps, webbing, and much more. The two most preferable options are CM3000SBT and CM1010BT. The former is an extremely rare mitt as it is handmade and is made up of Japanese leather while CM1010BT is one of the least expensive mitts for best youth catchers gear. Although it is designed for youth players yet it looks the same as others. It is designed in a way to teach the youth players an apt technique to trap a baseball. It is the least expensive yet effective and attractive purchase for the new players.

All-Star Pro-Advanced 33.5 Inch CM3100SBT Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

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ALL-STAR CHEST PROTECTORS – [Youth Professional Catcher’s Gear]


One of the best chest protectors offered by all-stars is system 7 chest protectors. It has been designed for professional players. Chest Protectors is a little expensive but along with the features that it offers, the price paid for it seems to be worth it. It has a feature of Ubar design to teach you a proper technique form and keep a nice square body position at all times. Also, the layers of the chest protectors are very nice and thin that makes them lightweight and easy to carry. It also consists of strategically based plates to protect the player’s body from any kind of injury or harm.

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ALL-STAR LEG GUARD – [Baseball Leg Guards]


All-star offers leaf guards of the system 7 series. It is known not only for the protection it offers but also for its durability. It covers the full area of the knee and protects the player when his leg or knee hits the ground. System 7 series is comparably costlier than those that are made up for the youth players. It specifically fulfills the needs and wants of professional players. Leg Guard is available in multiple color options like- black, navy blue, royal blue, and scarlet red. And, available for levels of players that are an adult (16.5 inches), intermediate(15.5 inches), and youth (14.5 inches).

Have a look at the All-star leg guards:

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All-Star Catchers Gear Sets


All-star assures its customer’s the quality and long-lasting products. They rely on the policy- your passion is customer satisfaction. So, the top full sets gear made by All-star are system 7 series, and surprising player series, which is a perfect edition for catchers aged from 7 to 12.

System 7 Series


From the looks, and the durability purpose, it is the best gear set. No doubt it is quite safe and the most recommended option for you guys. The system 7 series includes a chest protector, catcher’s helmet, and leg guards. The amazing set offered by the All-star – System Seven Series. This set delivers advanced features, such as directional blocking in the chest gear, a gel knee pad in the shin pads also, the mesh lining in the mask. All-star has gained a lot of popularity and fame after launching these extraordinary gear sets.

Player Series


Top pick Players Series gear is ideal for more youthful catchers (around 7 to 16) who are searching for a fundamental arrangement of hardware and needn’t bother with the entirety of the extravagant accessories. We as a whole need the best in class yet there is something to be said for simply staying with what you truly need. Every Player’s Series unit comes completely furnished with all you require to get behind the plate so you don’t have to pick a lot of various pieces all over the place. The Players Series is intended for fresher catchers or catchers that aren’t exactly how long they’ll play the position.

Have a look at the Player series:

all star catcher gear

How Do All Stars Be Different From Other Brands?


When Talking about catcher gear, All-star offers a wide variety of different collections of catcher gear, for instance, an upstanding option for competitive catchers – pro series, costs up to $400.

It may sound expensive for a regular player but essential and much needed for a competitive lever player. They need these kinds of advanced features that All-star offers to play efficiently and more effectively.

If you are a professional player, an athlete, or a youngster who loves to play then you will need to buy the gear set for your protection right? and so, if you are planning to purchase the equipment of All-star, then this guide is going to help you in making your decision worth it. Some of the best editions of the All-star are chest protectors, leg guards, masks, and mitts.

Hope now you got the idea why All stars are different from others right?

Top Catcher’s Gear Set You Must Buy?


You must not miss the chance to purchase the best edition of All-star – System seven series and the player series. But why? Because they offer you the best quality helmet, chest protector, and leg guards under one set at a reasonable price. System 7 series is a little more expensive than the player series but they both are highly recommended and in demand. So, Hurry up! And don’t miss out on any of the best offers.

What Are The Sizes Available?


Before buying first, you need to confirm whether the size which you are looking for is available or not?

Catcher’s Helmet Mask – 7 1/ 8” to 7 1/ 2”

Catchers baseball gloves – 33.5 inches

Chest protector – 12 – 16 – 15.5”


Some Of The Common Questions Asked Related To All-Star Catchers Gear?


  1. How To Clean Catcher’s Gear?

People often ask this question: how do we clean the catcher’s gear? SO, here is the answer, For the padding portions of the products like chest protectors, removable padding in leg guards can be easily washed in a machine using a normal detergent by switching the machine mode to the delicate wash. Whereas for the hard plastic and steel shells on the leg guards and helmets, use a mind soap or detergent to wash on a cold wet washcloth and scrub it by using your hand and then let it dry.


  1. What Should Be Used To Clean The Catcher’s Gear?

As told above you can use any mild soap or detergent to wash the catcher’s gear. It’s easy to wash and clean them, you don’t need to put extra effort into it. Don’t worry about it!


  1. How Long Does The Catcher’s Gear Last?

The life of the catcher’s gear depends on two variables: one is the quality of the gear and the other is the amount of wear and tear of the gear.

Hope this review was a great help for you to decide which one is the best option for you. All-star offers a huge variety of options available in the market from which you can choose the best for yourself. You can also go through the reviews of the people which help you to make your decision more efficiently. All-stars are always ready to serve their customers and solve all the problems.

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