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Under Armour Baseball Catchers Equipment

Catcher gear is one of the essential and challenging positions to play. Buying the right gear is a complex process; age, level of play, number of usages, financial plan and brand need to be analyzed. Don’t bother! I understand your frustration!

This guide is especially creating to help you out in choosing the perfect catcher gear. In terms of safety and comfort, Under Armour Catchers Gear are the best catchers gear. Under Armour is a popular and fantastic brand primarily known for the innovative sports apparel and workout gear they offer. It also makes a few different gear series for softball and baseball catchers.

The Under Armour brand’s best thing is that they test all gear on athletes and examine the products’ pros and cons. Under Armour’s catcher’s gear are also used and recommended by some professional athletes like Buster Posey.

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Top Under Armour Catchers Gear Youth


It mainly includes a helmet, chest protectors, leg guards and a catching full kit. This gear use Youth, Junior and Senior classes to differentiate their sizing!

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Under Armour Catcher’s Helmet


It is essential to find an Under Armour catcher’s helmet unless a one-piece hockey-style helmet which is necessary for secondary league athletes for ear protection. Or a head cap and masks used at the higher levels that are convenient. But also long-lasting as it is continually being thrown off to follow foul balls and make other fielding chances.

Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet 


 Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet



Size: Youth

Weight: 1.19 Pounds

Dimensions: 11.5 x 7 x 8 inches

UA converge batting helmets are created to be genuine next-generation batting headgear with an all unique anatomical shell layout and innovative padding method.

They are built to fit a broad category of head shapes and sizes and keeping complete security and a comfy fit. Strategically fixed venting supports for maximum cooling and increases side ribs to disperse impact better.

The converge batting helmet also regards the introduction of imposed foam cushioning, a layer of impact-absorbing foam related to what is used in footwear. They try to give the most convenient and most protective helmet on the market, and you’ll get it with the converge.



  • Only available in Youth size.

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Under Armour Catcher’s Chest Protectors/Guards


A chest protector is a crucial part of the catcher’s gear created to protect the bones, heart, collar bone, and stomach. Chest protectors are designed for both fast pitch softball and baseball.

Youth chest guards come with a private protector connected to the chest pad with Velcro – smaller players playing at superior levels mainly are not needed to use the groin guard and can remove it. Senior and adult chest guards do not come with the groin cover as high school and higher-level baseball athletes are not needed to use them.

Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Series Chest Protector Catchers Kit (9-12)


Under Armour Chest Protector



Dimensions : 20 x 17 x 10 inches;

Size: Age 7-9, Age 9-12, Age 12-16

The Under Armour chest guard is one of the lightest designs that appeared in the chest guard line and is best for cleansing as it can be washed in the usual washing machine to remove all of the undesired odours generated when wearing gear all game long.

This UA Victory Series Chest Protector fits NOASAE security standards that are now needed for all NFHS sport. This chest guard gives complete protection across the shoulder coverage with a 4 point flexible gear.

Plastic plates are found in the throat. Collar bone to separate any force from the results. Senior sizes 15. 5″. Junior sized 14. 5″. Youth sized 13. 5.”


  • 4-point flexible gear
  • Flexible shoulder cap
  • SEI certified


  • Wearing it for a long time is quite difficult.

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Under Armour Catcher’s Leg Guards


Leg guards are a crucial piece of catcher’s gear created to protect the knees, legs, and toes. Leg guards are built for both fastpitch softball and baseball. Fastpitch leg guards are made better to suit the shape of a woman’s leg.

Precise adjustment of the leg guard straps is necessary to ensure a firm but not overly snug fit. It is suggested to wear baseball pants while suiting the leg guards to assure you receive a proper fit and feel. The kneecap is connecting with Velcro. It can be fixed for a good fit as well.

Under Armour UA Adult PRO Leg Guards [Adult Catchers Set]



Dimensions : 28 x 12 x 14 inches;

Size: Adult(16.5 inches)

Under Armour Pro, leg guards made with unbroken PE plastic to sustain any influence or disturbance throughout a play. They have also added extra plastic to some of the more high-impact zones encountered as a catcher, like a knee and enclosing bone areas.

This approach may sound easy, but making precise extra thick areas needs quite a bit of design effort to assure that a catcher is as mobile as feasible.

Most leg guards you will notice as well highlight a double knee design. Alternatively, the UA Pro’s offer a threefold knee design, enabling even more versatility and better security in the crouch position.


  • Designed with extra thick plastic
  • Triple knee pad
  • Shin guards


  • Only available in adult size.

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Under Armour Catcher’s Masks


An essential part of catcher gear is the mask. With all the news encompassing head damages today, you can visualize the risk anyone has when they relax behind home plate.

Under Armour Helmet Face Guard Mask




Colour: Silver-baseball

Size: One Size

Highlights a low-profile lightweight composition that uses high-strength steel and gives the most high-grade vision lines. All Under Armour batting helmets come equipped to accept a batting faceguard, push the brackets above the visor and turn the included hardware within the mounting positions on the helmet.


  • NOCSAE protection standards
  • Lightweight design
  • Fits all Under Armour helmets


  • Size chart is not available.

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Under Armour Catcher’s Throat Guard


It is an excellent gear, but there is one problem that sometimes happens when a C/A unit does not fit well, and there is a hole that will form within the goaltender’s collar and the throat guard!

Under Armour Catching Throat Guard


Under Armour Catching Throat Guard




Dimensions : 8.07 x 4.57 x 1.69 inches;

It attached to any catching mask in the store. It will easily connect to the rear side of any mask outline and hang off it, capping the throat.

The 6″ Size is generally suggesting for older catchers and judges. Most Youth leagues need catchers to use a throat guard. Check with your game to view if it’s mandated.


  • Double flexible straps
  • Suitable for adults
  • Suitable for all mask types


  • Only suitable for youth.

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Under Armour Catcher’s Mitts


What works for one catcher may not work for the next, but we consider the options below are the most beneficial ones available. For mitts, a catcher should examine the pocket, size, break-in time, and of course, pricing!

Under Armour UA 11.25 Inch Mitts

Under Armour Baseball Glove



Dimensions : 12 x 8 x 6 inches

In addition to being available in the same top known models. The choice line is available in different excellent fit standards designing for hard-core hiking ballplayers. That will help by having a performance mitt that fits well.


  • Thinner Heal Shape
  • Soft Hand Steerhide Shell
  • Rolled Leather Welting


  • Only right-hand thrower!

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Under Armour Catchers Equipment Full Kit


Under Armour offers some full kits for catchers. These sets involve all of the crucial gear like chest protector, leg guards, helmet, and mask!

Under Armour PTH Game Ready Catching Kit


Under Armour PTH Game Ready Catching Kit



Dimensions : 25.25 x 15.75 x 9.84 inches;

Size: Age 7-9, Age 9-12, Age 12-16

Gear-up with the current NOCSAE certified standard PTH baseball catcher’s kit of Under Armor. Under Armor is one of the most favoured names for Major League catchers. They create the PTH Victory Series hockey-style catcher’s mask simultaneously with NOCSAE certified PTH Victory Series chest guard, leg guards, throat protector, knee savers, and a bag!

The helmet is SEI approval. Meeting the NOCSAE helmet model. And, leg guards have new knee and bone padding for convenience. It is a complete kit catching gear require to catch the field!


  • Shin padding
  • More protection
  • Complete catcher’s gear kit

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Under Armour Catchers Gear Buying Guide


As a catcher, helmet, leg guards and chest protectors, knee guards, mitts, and masks are the essential gear you will ever buy. It protects you and allows you to do your job efficiently. That’s why you must take your time and ensure you are purchasing the best one for your sport.

catchers gear under armour

Here are few things to look for before buying Under Armour Catchers Gear:

Safety And Protection


It is at the top of the list when you are considering purchasing the catcher’s gear. Safety is by far a crucial point to look for.



It is also the main thing to look for when buying catcher’s gear. Be assured, straps of all gear are comfy, safe to wear, and can’t harm you.



It is an essential factor to look for. Purchasing gear that fits perfectly is a necessary part of buying catcher’s gear. One of the greatest blunders made is purchasing gear larger than required. Which allows the player’s room to expand.

The catcher’s gear has to match perfectly; when the gear is too large, it can run throughout, expose the catcher, and finally result in damage. Moreover, it can reduce the catcher when playing games or throwing if it is too heavy.

You Receive What You Pay For


It is essential. You will move into a lot of very cheap gear that might appeal to your purse. But realize this is a circumstance where you receive what you spend for. Yes, catcher’s gear can be costly.

There is no suspicion about it. But would you instead buy a cheap one and have to renew it many times a year, or would you preferably purchase a high-quality one that takes a little more but will endure longer? I am assuring you would opt for the last.



Will the athlete be performing for an extended period with several games? You will need to consider buying gear that can remain for an extended period.

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Frequently Asked Questions [Youth And Adult Catcher’s Gear Sets]


Is the Under Armour brand best for catcher’s gear?


Yes! Under Armour is a famous and excellent brand for catchers gear because they design different-different catchers equipment for athletes and provide protection and safety!

Do any professional athletes use Under Armour catchers Gear?


Yes! Brian McCann and Yasmani Grandal use Under Armour catchers gear, and now they are both in the big league!

How do I choose proper fit catchers gear?


To find the proper size gear, measure your neck’s bottom to the top of your waistline in inches. This length will be the size you’ll see online. For example, if you estimate 15 inches, you’ll need a size, 15 chest guard.

Is there a difference between softball and baseball catchers’ protective gear?


There is a distinction between a chest protector for softball athletes and baseball athletes. Softball professional chest guards have a split in the chest to help fit the fitness of female athletes. The groin guard comes for men for extra protection!

Which Under Armour catcher’s gear kit is suitable for professional players?


Under Armour PTH Game Ready Catching Kit is the best and a proper fit for professional athletes. Because it comes with all essential gear like chest guards, leg guards, throat protectors, knee savers, and a bag. Moreover, it also provides maximum safety and protection!

Wrap It Up


Under Armour is a fabulous brand that keeps developing which indicates constant improvements. I have previously observed many young and older athletes make the switch, and I assume we’ll see loads of people using this gear quickly enough.

This brand’s variety and craftsmanship in creating each piece can be observed in the several descriptions for every product. I would not hesitate if someone ever allowed me to use Under Armour catcher’s gear!

Other Brands: 

Nike Baseball Catchers Gear and Wilson Baseball Catchers Gear




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