Rawlings Catchers Gear [Catchers Equipment Buying Guide 2023]

Rawlings Catchers Gear 


Are you looking for the best quality catcher’s gear? Then, you are at the right place. Here you will get to know about all the finest and high-quality products of catcher’s gear. When talking about Rawlings, it is the leading sports manufacturer in the US. The company came into the limelight in 1987 because of its Avant – grade catcher’s gear. Rawlings has been a famous brand for manufacturing gear sets for especially ballplayers for over 130 years.

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Rationale – Rawlings Players Baseball Catchers Set


Rawlings works with the motive of manufacturing high-performance and creative equipment with protective attire for the professional, and beginner level players.

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About The Rawlings Company


Rawlings company carries about 100 patents, and out of which 25 were of proprietary creations enhancing ” protective equipment ” including catcher gear.

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Why Should You Choose a Rawlings Catcher’s Gear Set?


If you are looking for some extraordinary gloves then, Rawlings is the best option. This company has been manufacturing gloves for baseball players for so long. They offer a decent quality in all types of catchers gear sizing. Rawlings has a record that they haven’t received any complaints regarding their gloves. Hopefully, now, you can get an idea of how specialized they are in terms of gloves. Thus, Rawling is worldwide famous, especially, for its amazing variety of gloves.

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Check Out The Best Collection of Rawlings Catchers Gear –  2022


Rawlings offers an endless variety of products but, here are some of the best and recommendable editions of 2022.

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CATCHER’S MITTS – Rawlings Baseball Catcher’s Combos


Rawlings has gained fame with time for the quality of gloves that it offers. However, Rawlings provides you with tonnes of options for gloves. Catcher’s mitts vary, based on the sport and the age of the Athlete. We are listing some of the best picks of the following categories:-

Best Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt For Baseball

If you are into baseball, then you must know the importance of having the best quality gloves. The best choice for baseball catcher’s gear clearance is the Heart of the ride series. This is one of Rawling’s premium catcher’s mitts. It is used by a large number of MLB catchers. It is made with the best quality of steer hide leather. Additionally, it also has a very cool pocket out of the box. Heart if the hide mitts come in different dimensions. It is available in 32.5, 33, 34-inch varieties. You can choose the best for you as per your preference and in fact, you are also allowed to customize your catchers’ mitts.

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Best Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt For Fastpitch Softball


Heart of the hide offers a fastpitch version of mitts which is the best choice available for softball catchers. It is made with the steer leather of the heart of the hide. The leather used is of tested top-notch quality. This catcher’s mitt is black-colored and measures 33 inches in dimensions.  The fastpitch heart of the hide mitt has also introduced specially designed coolest catchers gear for female hands, which consists of finger stalls and hand opening. It also has leather laces and H web which is perfectly padded at the thumb to provide an enclosure that helps to mitigate the sting.

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Best Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt For Youth Catchers


Gamer is the most popular catcher’s mitt for the youth. To make these mitts, a full-grain leather shell and a one-piece solid web are used. These are designed especially for the youth, the size of hands is kept small so that they can for the young players well. Apart from the size rest, all the features are kept the same. Gamer mitts do not compromise with the quality, they are of the same shape and the materials used are at Rawling’s higher level.

Even though they are for youth players, they are made similar to that of professional catcher’s mitts. Furthermore, additional protection has been provided by adding extra padding around the index finger and the palm. It helps in reducing the possibility of stinging. Gamer mitts also have a player break-in level 20. It means that it takes relatively less time for the gamer’s catcher’s mitts to get sufficiently broken in. Check out the latest price of the Mitts:


Best Rawlings Catcher's Mitt for Youth Catchers

Catcher’s Helmets, Masks, and Skull Caps


Along with gloves, catcher’s mitts are also offering catcher’s helmets, catcher’s masks, and skull caps. When it comes to helmets, we have two relative options in front of us. They are PRO PREFERRED and the VELO catcher’s helmets.



It is the newly launched catcher’s helmet by Rawlings. It is built using a steel cage with high-level finishing. Also, the helmets must have a proper ventilation feature, which consists of wicking pads and strategic venting that allows more airflow. It comes in two sizes and seven colors for adults as well as youth.

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Velo catcher’s helmet is interestingly similar to the pro-preferred helmet. One of the main differences is in the type of cage used. Velo cacher’s helmet is made up of a chrome cage. Also, the pro preferred has a white paint lining around the inside frame, which is not present in velo. Other than this, there is a slight difference in the shape as well particularly around the jawline and the back of the head. Velo comes in 10 plus unique colors and just like the pro preferred helmet it is fit for both adults as well as youth. Check out the latest price of both the helmets:

CHEST PROTECTORS – Baseball Catchers Equipment


Rawlings has introduced seven varieties of chest protectors. Just like the helmets, chest protectors also have two categories- pro preferred and velo. However, in general, velo chest protectors are given more priority than pro preferred chest protectors. Velo chest protectors have a unique C shape design which gives a perfect fit to the body of the player. It does not only add protection to the body but also comes with immense comfort. To add additional shielding, its internal padding compromises impact-absorbing foam.

The embedded technology is such that it allows the air to circulate through the protector. Velo chest protectors are fit for both baseballs as well as louisville slugger fastpitch catchers gear softball. Rawlings has taken full care of providing the utmost comfort to the player. It comes with an adaptable back harness and shoulder caps that can easily be removed and repositioned. The chest protectors are available in multiple colors, keeping in mind the preference of both adults and youth.

Check out the latest chest protectors with the help of the link given below.

LEG GUARDS – Rawlings Softball Catchers Gear


Rawlings catchers provide you with 8 different types of leg guards. Leg guards also come with two categories- pro preferred and velo, just like all other products of Rawlings. Pro preferred is specially designed for best youth catchers gear whereas velo is more suited to adults. Velo leg guards are more known than the pro preferred because of the wide usability. It is fit for both baseball and the best fastpitch softball bats and catchers. Also, it has a wide option for the sizes and colors catering to all the choices of athletes.

Rawlings has used AIMS technology (advanced impact management system), there is plenty of padding at the knee and the internal padding is also made extremely light in weight and moisture-wicking. This technology offers additional protection to the legs. Velo is a better choice than other leg guards present. So, velo can easily be your first and best pick. Check out the latest leg guards with the help of the link given below.

Accessories and Replacement Parts


Rawlings has a huge variety of accessories to offer. Each accessory has a unique feature of its own and thus can’t be compared individually. However, some of the known replacement parts include a Yadier Molina wheeled bag, to easily hold catcher’s gear including upto 4 bats or top rated youth baseball bats. Other accessories and replacement parts include a knee saver (for both adults and youth), throat guard, catchers bag, mask pads, leg guard straps, and color catchers helmet snaps, etc.

How is Rawlings Catcher’s Gear Different From Other Brands?


There are several reasons why Rawlings is a better option which includes:

  • Fine quality
  • Expertise in Baseball Gloves
  • Gloves are worn by several professional players
  • Reasonable price
  • Double protection
  • Reliable brand

So, do you still have some doubts regarding why you should opt for Rawlings over other brands? Hopefully not!

Top Catcher’s Gear Set You Must Buy!


In case you don’t wish to buy individual products, here are some exciting catcher’s gear sets that you must buy. Check it out!

Matte Set


Are you looking for advanced pieces of equipment? Then, here we have the best option for you – Matte catcher’ gear set, It offers the product that you might require. The amazing feature that will not stop you from buying this stunning set is that it provides a customized fit for each customer. Hence, you will not face any size issues with the Matte set pieces of equipment. Exciting, right? The best products which it includes are chest projector, leg guards, and mask. The in-depth information about each product is mentioned above, hopefully, you have already read about it. Check out the latest price with the help of the link given below! Have a look at the amazing Matte set!



This is another fabulous set offered by Rawlings. The set is highly recommendable for competitive-level catchers. If you are just a beginner, sorry! This is not the perfect set for you but, if you are at an intermediate level and want a decent set but not willing to pay a high amount of price then, this is good or, you can say the best option for you.  The Velo set includes similar products as the Matte set such as chest protectors, masks, and leg guards.

What are the sizes available?


All the sizes are available starting from 5 – 7 years to an adult. Do not worry about size issues Rawlings provides all sizes for each product, plus it also offers the customizable size feature for its products.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How to Clean  Rawling’s Catcher’s Gear?

For the padding area, you can simply prefer to do a machine wash with a mild detergent. You can easily wash chest protectors, and leg guards with this technique. Your pieces of equipment will be cleaned efficiently without causing any damage. Also, remember not to dry them in a machine, instead, let them dry naturally in the sun.

  1. How to Wash Rawling’s Helmet?

The helmet contains hard plastic, and steel shells so for effective wash, you need to wash them with a mild soap or detergent on a cold, wet washcloth and then, rub it with your hands and let it dry in the sunlight.

NOTE: Please do not follow this with every product, if there are instructions given in the package do follow them!

Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the best catcher’s gear set. The best part is that you are getting fine quality at a decent price. So. what are you waiting for? Check out the latest collection of Rawling’s catcher’s gear. Hurry up!


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