Best Youth Catcher Gear For 7-9 Years Old [Overview]

Youth Catchers Gear 7-9


Introduction (Best Youth Softball Catchers Gear)


We all are more or less associated with the term or sport called Baseball. It deals with hitting the ball and in order to cover a series of four bases marked on the field so as to score runs. Previously, earlier back in time, baseball was not at all a protective game. There were hardly any protection gears for the players, especially the catchers. The catchers play an important role in this game.

The earlier baseball catchers used to be equipped with normal baseball gloves or Nike catchers gloves which eventually caused accidents such as smashing the fingers; also the other parts of the body were also very accident-prone as the ball with which the game is played is very weighty and hard as the ball is comprised of a rubber and cork center which is actually wrapped in yarn and covered with horsehide or cowhide.

Talking about its shape technicalities, the circumference of a baseball is about 9 to 9.25 inches (229 to 235 mm). The mass of a baseball weighs from 5 to 5.25 oz (142 to 149 gm).

Our Best 3 Youth Catchers Gear


All-Star System7 Axis Intermediate NOCSAE Approved

All-Star System7 Axis Intermediate NOCSAE Approved
  • It has top-notch catching accessories for baseball and softball.
  • The level of protectiveness and comfortability is high.
  • It is designed in such a way that fits easily.

EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers

EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers
  • The helmet is of high assured quality which is as well as certified by NOCSAE.
  • It is a perfect fit for the given age range, issues related to fitting are found less with this item.
  • High-quality foam padding is used to build up the chest protector.

Wilson EZ Gear Catcher's Kit

Wilson EZ Gear Catcher’s Kit
  • .It is a solid catcher gear.
  • The equipment is very cost-efficient.
  • Box Set is available in a large number of color combinations so you can match the team colors.


So, in recent years, the safety of the players is very much important and so the use of catcher gear is a must while playing baseball. Catchers gear comes in various sizes according to the age limit of the players. For example, you can find out about sizing catchers gear.

We are going to discuss the youth catchers gear ages 7-9 and the best catchers gear 7-9 sets through which a baseball player, especially the youths will be more protected while playing the baseball or softball game with the intention of avoiding any more major injuries to the players.

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Best Catchers Gear Companies For 7-9 Years Old


There are certain companies present in the market of catcher gear competition who are doing their best to make their products of catcher gear reference the best among the others in order to survive the competition and make a good amount of profit out of it. Well, we are going to discuss such companies who are on the verge of providing the best catchers gear equipment that will protect the youths, especially the ones whose age ranges from 7-9 years, from major injuries:

All-Star Catchers GearBest Youth Catcher’s Gear Set (Baseball)


This is a strong reputed catchers gear company which has a huge base of customers. They are one of the trusted companies manufacturing catchers gear kits along with experience of about 60 years. The youth All-Star catchers gear 7-9 sets have a very standard market value with top quality baseball and softball catching commodities including the helmets, chest protectors or catchers chest protector sizing, and the other necessary guards.

Pros/ Advantages:

● It has top-notch catching accessories for baseball and softball.
●The level of protectiveness and comfortability is high.
●It is designed in such a way that fits easily.


●The shoulder security is low
●The quality of padding has major glitches


All-Star Catchers Gear - Best Youth Catcher's Gear Set (Baseball)


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Easton Catchers GearBest Youth Catcher’s Gear Set (Softball)


Easton is another leading catcher gear manufacture company that is actually a southern California-based organization. They mainly focus on the immediate and neighboring commodities of the baseball and softball reference, among which catchers gear is one of those commodities. The catcher’s gear equipment of Easton is very protective and of magnificent quality. Although some of the equipment like the shin guards are somewhat bulky in nature, they are absolutely fine and fit for the players, especially the youths aging around 7-9 years old.

Pros/ Advantages:

● The helmet is of high assured quality which is as well as certified by NOCSAE.
● It is a perfect fit for the given age range, issues related to fitting are found less with this item.
● High-quality foam padding is used to build up the chest protector.


● The durability of the straps is low.
● Straps consisting of the chest protectors have a high tendency to get loosened with more usage and during practice.

EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set, 2021

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Wilson Catchers GearBest Youth Chest Protector


Wilson pro motion catchers gear sets are considered the perfect gear equipment for beginners. Though they are not as high quality as compared to the other company materials, for novice players they are considered as the best brand to go for. The equipment of this company is also very cost-efficient and provides great discounts on purchasing the catcher’s gear by the set to the buyers. So, the catcher’s gear equipment provided by Wilson is very effective and beneficial to the youths or beginners.

Pros/ Advantages:

1. It is a solid catcher gear.
2. The equipment is very cost-efficient.
3. Box Set is available in a large number of color combinations so you can match the team colors.


● Not all padding can be separated for washing.
● Big sizes only fit older teen players planning to move into more competing groups.

Wilson Catchers Gear - Best Youth Chest ProtectorCheck Price on Amazon

Under Armour Catchers Gear – Baseball Catchers Gear & Equipment


Under Armour is a company with the reputation of providing innovative and excellent catcher gear equipment. They are very popular among the athletes thus making them one of the most bombed catchers gear manufacture companies with the facilities of very high-quality equipment related to catchers gear. They also invest in manufacturing catcher gear equipment for the youths and the Under Armour youth catchers gear 7-9 sets are very popular and attractive among the users.

Pros/ Advantages:

● The chest protector and the helmet is SEI certified and has the inclusion of the NOCSAE Commotion Cordis Standard.
● There are an additional knee protector and comfortable padding with shin that protect from any kind of injury.


● One might have to face unavailability as this product runs out of stock very fast.

Under Armour Catchers Gear - Baseball Catchers Gear & Equipment

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Louisville Slugger Catchers Gear – Baseball Catcher’s Gear


Louisville Slugger is well associated with well-engineered and fantastically designed catcher gear equipment with a point of better innovations with due advancement of time. The equipment is very lightweight with a better fitting facility for the players, especially the 7-9 years old young lads who need proper safety and security while playing baseball or a softball game. They are also popular for their effective padding finishing to the chest protectors with good air passing facility to the chest protector.

Pros/ Advantages:

● Adjunct tough at the same time weights light- such materials are the core of this set which helps one to move effortlessly and the burden of the uniform will not stop from playing comfortably.

● Very few catchers set has a varied color option to choose from. This set has that exclusiveness.

● The Louisville Slugger’s Series 5 Catcher’s Sets helps catchers involved with different skill levels to play their game safely.


● The fit might disturb those whose maturity is not parallel as per their age.


Louisville Slugger Catchers Gear

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Rawlings Catchers Gear – Rawlings Catcher’s Gear Combo Sets


Rawlings is one of the leading catcher’s gear manufacturers which is a U.S.-based company. They are very popular in producing technologically enhanced products.

Pros/ Advantages:

● Catcher’s gloves which come along with the set are of top-notch quality and have some particular unique specs.
● The gears included in this set are of top-notch quality and the specifications are specific.
● This set leads the youths, play without trouble without any panic about getting hurt. One does not have the fear of facing any unwanted injury with this set, thus it is safety proof.


● Fitting problems are infrequently faced with this product.


Rawlings Catchers Gear - Rawlings Catcher's Gear Combo Sets

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Mizuno Catchers Gear – Best Youth Catcher’s Helmet


Mizuno provides the baseball or softball catcher with some amazing and advanced catchers gear kit facilities. Although, The equipment of catchers gear associated with Mizuno is a bit expensive, but Mizuno catchers gear is very effective and perfect for the players demanding good quality protections; and the youths, especially the ones aging between 7-9 years need proper protective gear facilities and thus Mizuno catchers gear is very suitable for this section of players.

Pros/ Advantages:

● The kit is made of high-quality and certified quality materials.
● Detailings done in designing are intrinsic and finely done in all the elements of the set.
● Chest protector contains LRF or Low Rebound Foam, the surface of which is specifically designed as grippy which helps to keep away from the ball or prevents it from hurting.
● Knee protection is of top-notch quality and highly protective.


● The price of the kit is high and not cost-effective. Growing individuals keep changing their kit in a less time gap for which this kit can be too costly for one-time use.


Mizuno Catchers Gear - Best Youth Catcher's Helmet

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Champro Catchers Gear – Best Youth Leg Guards


Champro is another catcher gear manufacture company with an extensive set of very glorious, eye-catching, and attractive gear elements. The color textures and the designs are very innovative and thus, they easily capture the attention of the youths who are obviously attracted towards good-looking things. Also, they are very reliable in terms of protection and safety with very decent quality gear equipment.

Pros/ Advantages:

● It has an in-built Air Tech system for ventilation which lets in air to disperse and depart.
● Multi-destiny pad arrangement comes along with an enduring ABS shell which is styled as hockey on the contrary.
● Chest protector helps in absorbing energy and also comes in one piece.


● The price is too high for the quality it is served with.

Champro Catchers Gear - Best Youth Leg Guards

Catchers Gear And Youth Catchers gear 7 9


As it has been mentioned earlier, a best catcher’s gear is a set of protective precaution systems in a baseball game to maintain the safety of the players playing the game, especially those who stand as catchers. On most occasions, a player has the chance of getting hit on his head by baseball or softball. The injury can get more serious and severe at times.

Best Youth Catcher Gear For 7-9 Years Old

Sometimes while swinging the bat in any given direction, there is a chance of injury regarding the bat hitting the head of any player involved in the game. Also, collisions between the players are also very common whilst the game is going on. So, to prevent all these accidental scenarios to the most effective extent, protective gear or in general language, a catcher’s gear is used by the players as a shield to protect them. For example, you can find out about the best fungo bats if you read our post on the best fungo bats.

Catcher Gear is a very important factor for youths aged 7-9 years as they are very prone to certain injuries. Any injury at this given age has a chance of taking a serious shape later in life. Also, children are very naïve at protecting themselves properly, as a result, they should be equipped with the best top-rated youth catchers gear 7 9 and special types of youth catchers gear 7 9 sets. So, the parents and coaches should be more cautious and careful about the protection of the children and providing them with the best youth catcher gear 7 9 sets.

How To Choose Youth Catchers Gear For 7-9 Year


Choosing a catcher’s gear for the people belonging to the age group from 7-9 years is a very important step before they start playing the game. And the primary factor is the selection of the size of the catcher’s gear equipment for the particular person who will be playing baseball. For example, the measurement of the circumference of the part of the head above the ear is required for the catcher’s helmet. Again, for the selection of the chest protector, you need to measure from the collar bone to the bottom of the ribcage. In order to select the chin guards, measurements from the middle of the kneecap to the bend of the ankle are required.

Best youth softball catchers gear

When you are going to buy equipment for youth catchers gear sets 9 12 or 7 9, the approval of NOCSAE is very important. NOCSAE can be abbreviated as National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. Also, according to NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), it is mandatory for the youth catchers to wear NOCSAE approved helmets and chest protectors in order to have safe gameplay without any type of injury-prone incidents. For a secured future of the youth and the game, protection plays a vital role.

Utility Of Purchasing Full Youth Catchers Gear Sets 7 9


Catchers Gear Buying Guide


Focusing on the quality of the youth catchers gear 7-9 is more fruitful in terms of getting good results out of it. It will not only ensure protection but also longevity.

The basic benefits of purchasing good youth catchers gear set 7-9 are very productive and are listed below:

Economic Utility: One of the most important benefits of ordering a youth catcher gear sets 7-9 is the savings of extra cost. If you buy youth catchers gear 7 9 equipment individually in several parts, altogether the cost will be more than buying youth catchers gear sets 7-9 as a whole.

Convenience: Another primary benefit of purchasing youth catchers gear sets 7-9 is that you can get all the equipment of youth catchers to gear 7-9 from a single place rather than roaming around different shops in order to look for the single entities of the youth catchers gear 7-9. This will help you to consume both time and energy.

Matching Sets: The equipment of youth catchers gear sets 7-9 are very identical with each other with the same color and design which gives a good look to the kit overall. You can also customize your settings according to the color and design of the team for whom the kids will be playing. It will boost the confidence and enthusiasm among the kids and will help in bringing out a good performance from them. A feeling of unity will be established.

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Guidelines For Choosing The Perfect Catcher’s Gear Set


Intermediate catchers gear

Buying the correct catcher’s gear set is as important as choosing the perfect pocket-friendly and skill-appropriate set for an individual. When a gear fits an individual perfectly then only it can do its job let alone the expensiveness and usability. While buying the gear make sure to go through the size guides and choose the perfect one for your ward.

Here is some information that can be of help:

● There are three primary sizes within which the catcher’s mask and the helmet comes which are; namely- youth, intermediate and adult. The automobile backplate helps in adjusting them according to the requirements in the given age group.

● For choosing a chest protector one needs a tape measure and use it to measure lengthwise from the bottom of the throat till naval to find the accurate size. The size usually ranges from 11” to 18”.

● For choosing the shin guard one needs a tape measure and use it to measure from the midst of the knee to the cap of the foot to find the accurate size. The size usually ranges from 11” to 17” when it comes to shin guards.

● Catcher’s masks and helmets typically come in three sizes: youth, intermediate, or adult, and are adjustable with a moveable backplate, so as long as you find a helmet in their age range, the helmet should fit snugly when adjusted.

The best option to buy is a set altogether, which not only serves as value for money but also the size issues get resolved to a lot of extents because of the combination.

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Note [Best Youth Catchers Equipment]


You do not need to worry about buying every part as everything will come together in handy. The best thing about buying a set together is maintaining the parity of the uniform. It will be visually attractive giving your ward the right amount of confidence. Safety and smartness should always be maintained while buying the right set.

FAQ [Softball Catchers Gear Clearance]


Frequently asked questions or FAQs are those that help to fill the knowledge gap of the novice people using this catcher’s set. It helps to untie many knots of queries from the head of a buyer. If people have the same problems the queries when solved in unison amplifies the product value as well.

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below:-

● Certification of the item and the value of that certification
● The range of colors available in the particular item
● How many durabilities does the item have?
● How much accessible is the item?
● How far durability does the chest protector have?
● How long durability do the straps have?
● Can the padding be separated from washing?
● How many dimensions are there in the item?
● What are the dimensions of this item?
● Will this fit in if the individual is slightly older or younger than the age limit?
● How effective is the chest protector?
● How much resistance does the helmet have?
● How much cost-effective is the product?
● How much availability does the stalk have?
● How much is the availability?



The youths who are also the upcoming generation needs to be very well protected before they go on the field. Choosing the right gear kit will not only help to protect the essential body parts but also value for money will be secured. The best kit for the youth might vary with requirements.

A list of popular brand reviews is given above and one can easily choose from there. The reviews and information that has been shared above are verified and true to their origin.

If you want confidence while standing as a catcher, these are your go-to brand any day. The quality and safety make it hard to be turned down and we hope you feel the same!!

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