Best Wilson Catchers Gear 2023

Searching for high quality and affordable best Wilson catchers gearIn Baseball, the catcher has an integral position and thus it is necessary that the catcher is well-equipped for his role.

As when it comes to being well-equipped for the best catcher gears, nothing beats the equipment from the collection of Wilson. Also whenever any brand is mentioned which is related to protecting players from injuries, Wilson certainly wears Cape of Honour.

History of Wilson Sports Company


Wilson Sporting Goods came into establishment in 1913 as the Ashland Manufacturing Company.  In 1913, Wilson Company, a meatpacking plant operating in Chicago. It started using the discarded slaughterhouse by-products to create strings for tennis rackets, violins, and sutures for surgeons.

In 1914, it started making baseball shoes, thus entering the market of baseball gear. In 1916, Thomas E. Wilson named the company after himself & thus Wilson Sports Company started its journey with the name. In 1917, the company declared a 2-year unconditional guarantee on all of its products, such high quality with durability company achieved.

Thus, though the company can be traced back to its roots to the formerly known Schwarzschild & Sulzberger meatpacking company. Now, it has made its name prominent in the world of sports.

Now, top-level catchers of the game equipment themselves with Wilson gear. The most remarkable of them is the Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez), the man who transformed the position to a different level. Throughout his career playing for Rangers, Marlins, Tigers, Yankees, Astros, and Nationals. Wilson catchers gear being the chosen brand by such superstar proves the worthy quality of the brand’s product. Read about Fungo Bat History as well, may it also be interesting.

Though Wilson is popular among catchers primarily for the mitts collection. And, consisting of A2000, A1K, and A2K, other products of Wilson Baseball Catchers Gear. It also consists of Wilson Catchers Helmet, Wilson Chest Protector, and Wilson Leg Guards belong to high quality equally.

In the following, we will try to cover the Wilson products thoroughly for all of you:-

  • Wilson Catchers Gear Full Set (Wilson ProMotion Catchers Gear Set)
  • Wilson Catchers Helmet/ Wilson Catchers Mask (Wilson ProMotion Helmet)
  • Wilson Catchers Chest Protector (Wilson ProMotion Chest Protector)
  • Wilson Catchers Leg Guards (Wilson ProMotion Leg Guards)
  • Wilson Catchers Mitts (A800, A2K, A1K)

Wilson Catchers Gear Full Set


Anything that comes in a set fits each other well. It is applicable to almost everything out there and is no different. When it comes to sports gear and certainly not in the case of catcher gear either. When you buy a full set of Catchers Gear, it means all the essential equipment is in sync with each other. And, this will make you feel comfortable; after all, the last thing you would want to feel. While playing is uneasy due to the uneven size of your leg guard or helmet.

Wilson, being the finest brand manufacturing catcher’s gear, makes sure that the set comes with properly fitting equipment. And makes sure you do not worry about anything other than the game.Wilson also provide Youth Catchers Gear 9-12

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Wilson manufacture two kinds of Catchers Gear Full Set:-


Wilson ProMotion Catchers Gear


With a price of around $400, the set offers an exceptional quality of the equipment that is required by a catcher to perform properly. The durability and the protection are excellent making it the first choice for most buyers. Wilson has specifically prioritized protection from head and chest injuries and has made its guards superior to any other available products from other brands. The Leg Guards are also of great quality with heightened protection to prevent injuries, making sure the catchers do not stress their legs too much. A feature that makes Wilson ProMotion Leg Guards a better choice is the fact that they fit in the legs so efficiently that it almost makes the catcher feel as if it is a part of their legs.

  •   Plus Points– Advanced Protection, Professional Fittin
  •  Target Group – Adults or Experienced Players 
  •   Colour Variants– Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Navy, and Black
  •  Size Chart– According to Body Size and Shape (S, M, L, XL)


Wilson Catchers Gear Full Set


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Wilson EZ Catchers Gear Set (Wilson Youth Catchers Gear) –


With a price of around $110, it makes things easier for any newbie. The Wilson youth EZ gear catchers kit comes with QuickChange Technology that lets one take it on and off in ten seconds only. It comes with a complete package consisting of a helmet, chest protector, and leg guards. This kit is built to perfection for youth ballplayers.

Gear that does not fit well often makes the young players nervous and uncomfortable but with Wilson EZ Catchers Kit, that hindrance has been eliminated. The Helmet has Venting Technology to maintain protection while keeping your head cool. It is of Premium Grade ABS Shell with glossy finishing which makes it look good. It is built up to the NOCSAE Protection Standards

 The Chest Protector comes with a One-Time Adjustable QuickChange system that makes you set it and never to worry again. It also comes with Removable shoulder caps and a Multi-point adjustment system.

 The Leg Guards also have the QuickChange system and makes it easier for young players to wear and remove due to the presence of its Forward Facing Clips.

Wilson ez catchers gear set

  • Plus Points– Appropriate for Young Players, QuickChange Technology
  • Target Group– Beginners or New Players
  • Colour Variants– Black
  • Size Chart– Small/Medium for Ages 5 to 7; Large or Extra-Large for Ages 7 to 12


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Wilson Catchers Helmet/ Wilson Catchers Mask


The Catchers Helmet is the most essential part of protection as head injuries in any sport are considered of serious concern and thus the protection of the head of any player is mandatory in most outdoor sports.

Wilson Catchers Helmet/ Wilson Catchers Mask proudly represents its kind when it comes to protection as it has high shock resistance and is built of material hard enough to guard the head against sustainable injuries. The available models are Pro Stock Shock FX, Prestige, and Dyna-Lite. All of these models are available for adult and youth head sizes:

Pro Stock Shock FX-


Wilson greeted 2022 with their series of Pro Stock Shock FX in the mask department. It has been priced higher than the other models of the brand but undeniably offers the best protection among all. To deal with impact more efficiently, the cage of the mask is a little more extended making it more protective against head injuries that might lead to severe wounds or concussions.

With the help of the Quad-axial system newly introduced by Wilson, the four most-prone areas of the helmet have been made better at guarding the player’s head against incoming hits. It is to be noted, with all that increase in protection; Wilson did not compromise the comfort part either. With well-placed holes for ventilation, the helmet allows air to flow in, making sure the player does not feel suffocated. The Leather Chin Pad serves as a cherry on top as it relaxes the bottom-most part of your face comfortably.

Pro Stock Shock FX 2.0

  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Navy, and Black



Due to its affordable price range, it is highly accepted by many as their go-to purchase. This series is of the same cadre as the Pro Stock Shock FX in terms of protection; though it lacks the good looks of a matte finish and the touch of a Leather Chin Pad. It is built of Premium Grade ABS Plastic that makes it hard at defense against hits and also durable.

If your head is well protected, as a catcher that boosts confidence to take those fast swings coming at you and Prestige fulfills that wish well and well. As a catcher it is reassuring that Wilson introduced “360-degree Protection” which protects the head from all possible angles; if your head is well guarded, you can be more confident to make those Three Strikes count. Do not worry, you are not deprived of ventilation either as Prestige comes with the same airflow function as Pro Stock Shock FX.


  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Navy, and Black



This series is mostly worn by umpires and is lighter than the others. It comes with Memory Foam Pads wrapped in moisture-wicking fabric and the cage is made of Aluminium.

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Wilson Catchers Chest Protectors

Wilson cannot be ruled out in this field either. It has been putting its mark in the making of chest protectors for some time now. When it comes to chest protectors, Wilson is comparatively more affordable than many of its competitors and the protection offered is also impressive. When it comes to Chest Protectors available under Wilson’s belt, we need to talk about the ProMotion and MaxMotion series so it is hereby as follows:-

ProMotion- The WTA3301-


Wilson ProMotion Catchers Chest Protector is like a gift from Wilson to the catchers in 2022. Regular catchers would love what Wilson has done with this release as they have made an affordable, durable, and good quality chest protector for all.

Wilson banged on point with features like Custom Fit i.e., using four different points of adjustment it ensures the chest gear fits well and does not disturb the catcher during a game getting misplaced or feeling shabby; the second being the under-arm area flex which has been increased by Wilson to allow catchers to move hands with ease and throw balls better while runners are running for the base.  It also provides a customizable neck pad to add to the reasons why you should go for it.

Wilson Catchers Chest Protectors

  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Navy, Black, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Maroon, Green and Purple



It is a good option to opt for most catchers looking for a sturdy and protective chest guard with a strict budget. It also offers a good-looking design i.e., a two-piece floating design according to Wilson, allowing catchers to move freely without any feeling of load on them.

MaxMotion is designed in such a way that it gives comforting results without much adjustment from the catcher’s end. The two-side Clip-ins make sure that the catcher gets protection on his sides as well making it a successful launch at an affordable price for all.

MaxMotion wilson

  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Navy, Black, Royal Blue, and Scarlet Red

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Wilson Catchers Leg Guards


Wilson has its own arsenal of Leg Guards when it comes to competing with competitive brands. It might not have a wide range of options like many other brands but certainly covers enough to win over the preference of many catchers while selecting their leg guards.

Wilson’s reputation makes it trustworthy and thus people do have confidence in the products when they make a purchase. A catcher’s role is full of movement and reflexes; thus having a good leg guard is necessary, that is where Wilson comes in with its set of leg guards. The available set of options is:- 



Wilson ProMotion Catchers Leg Guard is one of the best in the business and catchers will find it hard to look elsewhere. The Leg Guards fit well which makes it easier for the catchers to carry on their role efficiently. It is built in such a way that it provides comfort in whatever form the catcher is in i.e., crouching, standing or bending. It differentiates itself from the competitors by using foam padding in place of plastic which makes it comparatively lighter and thus easier for the catchers to move with.

Wilson also covered the toe area in this ProMotion series of Leg Guards making it safer for the catchers to avoid injuries. The ProMotion model is built in a two-piece hinged design which replaces the traditional design used by other brands and that makes the ProMotion more flexible than the models that come in one-piece designs. 

Wilson ProMotion Catchers Leg Guard

  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Navy, Black, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Green, Maroon and Purple



This series runs at the same wavelength as the ProMotion series in terms of most features as a set of Leg Guards. It also has a similar two-piece design to the Wilson ProMotion Catchers Leg Guards and thus provides the same comfort and flexibility almost. This model also includes the toe guard and thus holds the advantage of giving better protection to the catchers. Thus-far making it is a budget-friendly option. 

Wilson MaxMotion Catchers Leg Guards

  • Sizes– Available for both Adult and Young Players
  • Colour Variants– Navy, Black, Royal Blue and Scarlet Red

Wilson Catchers Mitts


Mitts are for catchers what bats are for batters. When a catcher selects his mitts, he probably thinks the most and thus Wilson is what comes to their mind, most of the time. Star players from MLB (Major League Baseball) like Andrew Benintendi, Vladimir Guerrero, Matt Chapman, Carlos Correa, Evan Longoria and many more prefer Wilson over other brands. You know very well now, which brand of mitts to pick the next time you go shopping for catcher’s gear.

Wilson tops the most-used mitts along with Rawlings and thus, it has good competition to hold on to the reputation it has built in the last 100 years. Wilson has mitts perfectly appropriate for all kinds of players, whether professional or novice. Moreover, there is nothing more evident than the fact that “Pudge”, the retired superstar himself wore Wilson as his mitts.

Following are some of the mitts from the collection of the House of Wilson:-


A900 Catchers Mints –


The A900 cannot be undermined in any way.  A800 comes at a lesser price around $80 or so. A800 has an old-school look that makes it admirable and attractive to many catchers. Though it is not as good as the other models, the look itself is enough to give a vintage feeling to many catchers. It is made up of Eco-leather and thus feels soft and comfortable.

An extra piece of leather has been placed right in between the outer shell of the glove and the palm which makes it more comfortable and flexible for the catchers to move their fingers. The double palm construction allows gripping the ball better into the pocket and thus, catchers find it easier to catch fast throws with it.

A900 Catchers Mintts

A1000 Catchers Mints-


The fact that makes A1K a good choice is that it is made of the same top-quality leather that is used to build A2K. The model is durable and comfortable; the grip is so good that catchers do not need much time to settle down behind the plate.

The model also consists of an extra-deep level pocket and an attractive look due to its pro-level patterns. The Low Profile Heel of the mitt provides better control over rebounds to the catchers. Overall, it makes sure that the gloves look classy well as the ball remains secure in the catcher’s hand. 

A1000 Catchers Mintts

A2k Catchers Mints –


The recently released A2000 brought a revolution to the series of A2K from the house of Wilson. The incredible leather quality and durability of the gloves paired with the professional look and comfortable grip give an edge to Wilson over all other brands. It is made of high-quality Pro Stock Leather and is sturdy enough to last long even in warmer regions.

As it is chosen by most catchers, the popularity of this model is sky high and Wilson makes sure to maintain the quality. It is no average mitt itself and it is worth the price.

A2k Catchers Mintts

Best Wilson Catchers Gear Sets- FAQ’s


  • Do Catchers have bad knees?

A:    Catchers do put a lot of pressure on their knees throughout the game, more than any other position and thus they are vulnerable to knee injuries. Due to the posture that catchers keep during the game, their knees go through a lot of stress and thus they need to exercise and take necessary measures to take care of their knees.

According to Sandy Miller (Physical Therapist at Advance Physical Therapy in Silex, MO), catchers are more exposed to knee injuries between 10-15 years old.

  • What is the most dangerous position in baseball?

A:    Most people who follow the game will tell you that it is the Catcher. A Catcher has the ball thrown at him directly at around 90-100+ MPH over 120 times in a game. One wrong movement or late movement and the catcher might suffer an injury.

  • What is the best Catchers Gear for softball?

A:    Wilson and Rawlings compete for the top spot and it’s a close competition. There are people who prefer Wilson and there are some who prefer Rawlings too.



Wilson is a very popular and well-established brand specifically in the world of Baseball. The reviews and information that has been shared above are verified and true to their origin. If you want confidence while standing as a catcher, Wilson is your go-to brand any day. The quality and safety make it hard to be turned down and we hope you feel the same.

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