Best Baseball Bat Packs For 10-11 Year Old Players [Guide 2023]

Baseball Bat For 10-11-Year-Old Players


If you’re a parent with a young baseball player, you’ve likely been on the hunt for the perfect pack of equipment. After all, most kids grow out of their bats by age 10! And just because your child is “little,” that doesn’t mean they don’t need the best equipment. With such high demands, it can be hard to find just the right fit for your family and their needs — until now.

Many people that play baseball as a pastime have to go out and purchase a bat pack on their own. However, with so many companies selling bat packs, it can be not easy to find the one that is best for you and your kids. This article will help you make an informed decision by providing insight into the pros and cons of each type of bat pack available on the market today.

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TRUE TEMPER Baseball Bat 


TRUE TEMPER Baseball Bat

Do you want to know what’s new in the world of baseball? Are you looking for a well-built, reliable bat that will provide you with good distance and balance? Have I got just the thing for you!

The TRUE TEMPER 2022 HZRDUS (-3) BBCOR 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat features AXENIC technology, improving durability and eliminating WeightWeight. It also decreases barrel lag and maximizes pop by seamlessly connecting the SMARTPLY handle and EVMAX alloy barrel. It also features a lightweight, composite JUGGERNAUT handle that provides balance, vibration dampening, and strength on impact with less mass where it tapers and more mass in the barrel.

The combination of the AXENIC technology, lightweight carbon fiber JUGGERNAUT handle, and quality EVMAX alloy barrel makes this bat a very safe choice for youth players. It will also provide excellent performance for players looking for a youth bat to compete with major league bats in terms of distance and power.

The TRUE TEMPER 2022 HZRDUS (-3) BBCOR 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat is also compatible with the True Temper Performance Kit, which includes a protective cover, quality foam grip, and an adjustable steel sleeve. The Performance Kit makes it easier to keep the bat in top shape and ensures great performance.


  • Lightweight, durable material for a good grip
  • Excellent performance and balance for a youth bat
  • The composite handle provides a unique design to this bat that makes it safe for young players under 13.


  • The lighter WeightWeight of your bat may make it difficult to control if you are swinging at a higher speed.

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Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat 


Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat


The Rawlings youth catchers gear Raptor USA Baseball Bat is one of the most popular baseball bats on the market. It’s a durable, responsible alloy with a vibrant electric blue and lime green design that will stand out on the field. The Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat delivers power and balance for beginners, thanks to its quick bat speed, easy swings with its high drop weight, and consistent contact thanks to its extended sweet spot.

It is approved for all USA baseball leagues and is ideal for entry-level players trying to learn the game. It is 2 1/4 inches in barrel measurement and has a -10 drop weight.



Drop WeightWeight = Bat Length (inches) subtracted from Bat Weight (oz). The higher the drop weight, the easier it will be to swing. (Drop Weight = Bat Length (inches) subtracted from Bat Weight (oz))

For example, A 12-inch bat weights 4 oz. The -10 drop weight would be the full length of the bat plus 6 inches divided by two.

Pros: –

  • Great bat for the newbie beginner or young players who want to learn the game and are starting at a lower level.
  • A multitude of colors to choose from. The colors are vibrant, attractive, and stand out on the field. The bats also come in Pink and Black.
  • It is a very durable bat that is made of great material. The manufacturer says it will last for years after being used by beginners.


  • The bat is so light that it can break easily if used with over or under-hitting.
  • Some customers have complained that it increases the pain in their hands as they swing the bat; however, other customers say they’ve had no issues with this at all.

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EASTON GAME READY YOUTH Bat  [Best Baseball Bat ]


Best baseball bat for 10 year old

The Easton Game Ready Youth Bat & Equipment Backpack is a baseball or softball player’s best friend. This backpack has a main compartment to fit your batting helmet and ball glove, two mesh pockets capable of holding bats or water bottles, and a front pocket perfect for personal items. The padded back and shoulder straps allow for easy carrying and comfort. This backpack is designed for catchers gear youth players and will keep them game-ready. With the Easton Game Ready bat and equipment backpack, make sure you are Easton “Game Ready” for the next game.

The Easton Game Ready Bat & Equipment Backpack is made out of sturdy material, perfect for holding up to everything you need for a game. The inside of this backpack has one main compartment that is large enough to fit your youth catcher’s helmet and glove. The front of this backpack has a small compartment perfect for carrying personal items or anything else you want to keep separate.


  • This backpack is extremely comfortable to carry.
  • The straps are also adjustable to move up or down, depending on the player’s size.
  • This backpack is also perfect for carrying 2 bats and a couple of water bottles.
  • This bag is very adaptable and will fit almost anything you could think of taking to your games.


  • This backpack has a huge main compartment. This can be good because it is excellent for storing footballs and left-handed baseball gloves, but the main compartment is not zipped.
  • The larger this backpack gets, the more uncomfortable the strap becomes.

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Franklin Sports MLB Kids Foam Baseball Bat 


Franklin Sports MLB Kids Foam Baseball Bat

If you’re looking for the best toy to introduce your child to the game of baseball, look no further than this Franklin Sports MLB Kids Foam Baseball Bat + Ball Set! This set includes a 24″ oversized soft rubber foam barrel with a blow-molded inner core that’s perfect for learning how to play. it also comes with a 3.5″ foam ball that’s easier to see and hit because of its size. The set also features a soft foam grip for comfort on kids’ hands. Major League Baseball officially licenses this set, featuring official MLB logos on the ball and bat for added authenticity!

This MLB foam baseball set is perfect for ages 3 and up.


  • Perfect for kids learning about the game of baseball
  • Major League Baseball officially licenses it.
  • Includes a soft foam grip with a 3.5″ ball for safe play
  • Features oversized soft foam barrel that’s ideal for kids learning to play baseball and is a perfect size and shape for this set and other kids’ sets as they grow older.


  • The foam may be difficult to clean, but it is a soft rubber foam, so it’s easy on kids’ hands.

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Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat


Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger catchers gear new one-piece BBCOR (-3) Meta (-32″) is the first bat to hit the market with a patented 3FX Connection System. It features an EKO Composite Barrel, a GT1 End Cap, and Balanced Swing. Every bit of raw power has been maximized on this bat. It provides maximum performance and forgiveness with a light swinging feel that produces the truest sound in baseball.

The EKO Composite Barrel is engineered to the pinnacle of performance, light swinging, huge barrel, and truest sound in baseball. The three-piece design features a patented 3FX Connection System that allows for a perfectly tuned “stiff” feel on contact while dramatically reducing vibration. The GT1 End Cap maximizes barrel length and swing speed. The Balanced Swing maximizes raw power and forgiveness with a light swinging feel that produces the truest sound in baseball. Bi-Directional Texturing evenly distributes grip around the barrel for ultimate comfort and performance.


  • Available Lengths: 32″/28″/26″/24″/22″/19.5″
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8 inches (67mm)
  • Barrel Length: 13.


  • Great barrel. It is bigger than most BBCOR bats and has amazing pop for a player on any level.
  • Consistent contact. Thanks to its Balanced Swing technology, this bat does not take much effort to make a solid hit.
  • Excellent pop for home runs and extra-base hits.


  • This bat might be too light or not heavy enough for hitters who have a hard balance problem. For that reason, the 3FX Connection System makes it better.
  • The barrel is not very durable. It breaks well within two to three years, depending on how much swinging you do on it outside of baseball.

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DeMarini CF Baseball Bat – [Best Baseball Bat Bag for an Upgrade]


Best bat for 10 year old bat

This review is for the DeMarini CF (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 32″/29oz, Black. It has a Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, 2 Piece Composite Construction and 3Fusion Connection. The ReAction End Cap is built with a blend of stronger and lighter materials; this end cap increases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed. Purchase your DeMarini CF (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 32″/29oz, Black today!!


  • It appears to be a well-made bat.
  • The 2 piece composite makes for improved weight distribution and feel, the ReAction end cap increases the barrel’s performance, and it is advertised to produce a .357″ ball exit.


  • The grip is rough. The barrel is durable but doesn’t hold up to extreme use, especially if you’re a coach who uses your gear.
  • This bat has a great look and feel, but it won’t hold up with professional use unless you’re using it as a coach’s bat. The grip on this bat also leaves much to be desired.

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Ortiz34 Graffiti Plastic Bat


Best youth baseball bats

No one wants to get hit by a baseball—especially not when you’re playing the game of youth baseball. And while keeping your head up is important, it’s also necessary to have the proper gear. That’s why this set of Ortiz34 graffiti plastic bat & ball homerun sets is so great for kids! No need to worry about any balls coming too close because this pack has everything you need for some safe and productive fun in the backyard with friends and family.

The plastic bat is 29-inches in length, 9-inches wide, and weighs just 1.50 pounds. So there’s no doubt that the bats are designed to revolve without any problems—even for young players who aren’t exactly used to using them. As for the balls, that’s not an issue since you can throw them so hard and far! The set comes with two small plastic baseballs perfect for kids and teens who want to improve their batting skills.

Pros :

  • Includes 2 lightweight & durable plastic baseball bats
  • Includes (2) baseballs & throwing fastballs, curveballs, and sliders
  • Item Weight – 0.35 pounds; Product Dimensions – 9 x 6 x 1.

Cons :

  • We will not use the bats & balls if they are not fixed at 30 degrees.

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Wilson Sporting Goods Louisville Slugger USA Baseball Bat


Baseball bat for 7 year old

The Louisville Vapor -9 USA Baseball Bat is the kid’s version of the game’s most popular bat. This bat is made for maximum durability at an unbelievable value. It meets the USA Baseball youth standard and has a durable synthetic leather fade grip to ensure they can get rid of it when they’re done with it.

All 7-Series alloy construction has maximum durability and a massive sweet spot. The -9 length-to-weight ratio yields low swing weights for easier swinging and more control, whether slow or fastpitch catchers gear.

The Louisville Slugger 2018 Vapor -9 USA Baseball Bat is the top choice for youth baseball fans, coaches, and parents because it combines price, performance, quality, and durability. This bat meets USA Baseball standard 1.20 BPF Certification: Approved for play at the Youth level.


  • It’s a good bet for the price.
  • The bat has a great feel compared to other youth bats.

Cons :

  • Bat does not have a good grip for young players who are not strong enough.
  • The bat does not come in sizes bigger than a 10 and has no drop weight adjustment.



The baseball bat packs curated here are not only for 10-11-year-old players but also for all players who are on the quest to get their own set of equipment. Players should always research the best equipment suited for them, and I hope these lists will help you get even more clarity. Researching what type of baller you are (fastball, strikeout pitcher, etc.), our article can give some guidance on what type of baseball bat might be right for you.

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