The 10 Best Baseball Bats For 7-8-Year-Old Players [Guide 2023]

 7 to 8-Year-Old Baseball Bat


The baseball game has no restriction on the players based on the game or any eligibility criteria. It implies the game is also popular amongst the kids. However, we can’t expect the kids of 7-8 years to hold as heavy bats as the adults. Thus, it is a significant aspect of the game to choose the best pieces of equipment, which fit best for the players.

Here, we bring to you some of the best baseball bats for 7-8-year-old players. The goal is to choose a bat, which is comfortable and safe for the kids.

If the size and composition of the bat aren’t apt for the kids, it can be inconvenient to them. A wrong-sized bat or the one which is unexpectedly heavy for the kids can be challenging to keep the level while swinging and would go out of control, affecting the speed of the bat.

Here, we will be mentioning some preferable baseball bats for 7-8-year-old players, along with the qualities that one shall refer to before finalizing the desired bat.

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Qualities of a bat to be considered for a kid’s Baseball Bat


  • Transition

Initially, transition bats were tailor-made specifically for the players of age groups 12-15. These were a choice for those players who had outgrown their baseball bats.

  • Weight and Length

The weight and length of baseball bats are decisive factors for selecting a bat for the 7-8-year-old kid. The reason is a wrong-sized bat has a direct impact on the kid’s game. A heavy bat can prevent good swinging, pulling the kid’s hand down. On the other hand, an over-the-top light bat can also decrease the momentum. Therefore, the weight and length of the baseball bats shall be given due consideration before making the purchase.

  • Material

Baseball bats can be made up of either wood or metal. Both the bats have their significance in different games. However, metal bats are not the ones fit for the kids. The metal bats can cover the kid’s skills and prevent his strengths from developing. In addition, the metal bats are much heavier than the wood bats and can pull down the kid’s arm. Thus, a wooden bat is the correct choice for a kid to maintain the swing balance and safety of the kid.

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Top 10 Best Baseball Bats For 7-8-year-Old Players


Taking into consideration the above-mentioned qualities, we have listed below are the top 10 baseball bats for 7-8-year-old players.

1) Rawlings, 5150, Youth Baseball Bat 


Rawlings, 5150, Youth Baseball Bat

The Rawlings brand is one of the most popular bats for 7-8-year-old players. This line of bats caters to different age groups but is specifically ideal for the 7-8-year-old players. The bats of this brand work with alloy and 11-drop material. Some outstanding features include:-

  • 0 Technology
  • The bats are 27 inches long and weigh 17 ounces.
  • The bats aim at providing light swings to the kids.
  • It has a barrel-designed profile to contribute to the balanced designed profile.

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2) Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat


Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat

As the name suggests, this brand line manufactures bats for the young age groups, including the 7-8-year-old players. It has a simplified, compact, and light structure, making it a good choice for beginners and kids. Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball bat is made up of ALX100 alloy material, providing it with a secured finish and full swing.

The bat has been given a concave cap design to enhance its quality and control. In order to maintain its durability, along with ALX100 alloy, military-grade material was used in manufacturing. Besides, the bat comes with a 15-ounce weight and two 1-4″ inch barrel diameters.

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3) Wilson Sporting Goods 2019 Solo SPD Baseball Bat


Wilson Sporting Goods 2019 Solo SPD Baseball Bat

Wilson Sporting Goods 2019 Solo SPD Baseball Bat is considered to be ideal for beginner players who want to fix their hands at baseball. Once the players get comfortable with its light grip, they get prepared to go for advanced bats. Although it takes some time to get used to this bat, afterward the training goes smoothly. Its additional features include:-

  • It works smoothly on all kinds of levels.
  • Featured end cap design to provide controlled force.
  • Comes with two and a half-inch barrel and an alloy construction
  • The bat furnishes cushioned grip for better performance.

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4) US Games Foam Bat


US Games Foam Bat

The US games foam bat has been the customers’ choice forever to make the players begin practicing skills smoothly. These bats are composed and available. These bats are known for providing transitory secured experience to the kids. Furthermore, these are neoprene bats with an average weight of 12 ounces, which is 3-5 ounces lighter than usual bats for a 12-15-year-old. Its ideal configuration is set as 29 inches long in length and 12 ounces in weight. It comes with a two and three-fourth-inch barrel design providing support for an easy and quick swing. It is a total authentic choice for the players of the 7-8 year age group.

5) Franklin Sports Foam Baseball Bat


Franklin Sports Foam Baseball Bat

This trendy piece of bats is perfect for kids aged nine and below but above the age of three. It consists of a 24-inch foam body, making the bat highly responsive, and a soft rubber covering an inner core. The foam provides an additional grip to the kids, making it comfortable for them to play long-duration games. It is considered to be ideal for kids because of the following inclusions:-

  • 5-inch softball for easy holding
  • Maintains the balance
  • It is a secured bat with an MLB licensed for additional safety

6) Easton Youth and Kid Baseball Bat


Easton Youth and Kid Baseball Bat

This type of bat has gained recognition due to its airplane-grade ALX50 alloy material, adding to its smooth end cap. It comes with a 2 mm thick layer to enhance the flex grip area, allowing kids to be comfortable. The ALX50 material makes sure that the kids with weak wrists and arms can also pull it off. In terms of the configuration, this bat is 27 inches in length and 17 inches in width. In addition, it is tested and secured bat qualified for BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) leagues.



7) DeMarini Youth Baseball Bat 


DeMarini Youth Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Baseball Bat is one of the most affordable bats for 7-8-year-old players, excels in providing a balanced swing to the kids. It is composed of a big barrel design allowing the players to control their force and direct their strength.

The bat also comes with a pack full of additional features:-

  • Aluminum durability, making it last longer.
  • A 10 drop weight with a length of 27 inches
  • Perfect balance is maintained between length and weight
  • A sleek look that makes it look more professional and attractive to kids.


8) Franklin Sports Kids Youth Baseball Bat


Franklin Sports Kids Youth Baseball Bat

These baseball bats are a well-designed item from Franklin. Based on its looks, it is rated a full ten. Since the length and weight configuration can be a decisive factor, it also approves of this bat, with 11 drops, a 24-inch length, and 13-ounce weight. Besides, its firm grip, balanced swings, and adequate sleekness make it feel perfect in the kids’ hands. It is a certified bat with a barracuda trademark, and robust aluminum alloy material, making it last longer.

In addition, it has always received positive customer responses, maybe because of its USA baseball-approved, adding to its security and safety.



9) Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat


Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat is a 10 drop weight design, apt for 7-8-years-old players. It is composed of alloy material, which makes it a responsive and rugged material.

For the kids’ selection of baseball bats, the configuration ratio plays a critical role. Here, a ten configuration adds more to its choice.

Also, it has an affordable price range making it more chosen by the customers who are prince-sensitive. It also comes with a 2 1/4-inch barrel design to support players, and provide them continuous momentum.


10) Wilson Sporting Goods Baseball Bat


Wilson Sporting Goods Baseball Bat

Yet another name on the list is Wilson Sporting Goods Baseball Bat. It specializes in providing a firm grip to the kids and achieving the standard balance between length and width(with its ratio being 9). This bat is built upon burgeoning technicalities, with premium allow material and a big barrel design.

In order to provide additional and tight grip, synthetic leather is used. It comes with a 7/8 inch handle as classic dimensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Baseball Bats For 7-8-Year-Old Players


Selecting the best bat for a young player can be tricky. Proper bat selection can have a significant impact on how well your player hits the ball and ultimately, how much they enjoy their game.

Should you go for a metal or wooden bat? What about weight? It’s all in this Big List of Frequently Asked Questions! Whether you need help with determining which size is right or what type of grip to use, we’ve got it all laid out with easy-to-understand info and tips.

Question: My 7-year-old son is a beginning ballplayer. I’m thinking about giving him a metal bat for this season, but I’m not sure if it’s too soon. Any advice?

Answer: A metal bat is always better if it’s used properly and isn’t thrown around or hit against walls or other hard objects by your son. Common sense and parental supervision are key with any kind of bat. Also, check the bat for nicks, dents, and cracks before you purchase.

Question: My 8-year-old boy is starting his first season of baseball this summer with his travel team. What type of bat should I get him?

Answer: A wood-bat is always the best option for kids. A wooden bat is less likely to break when hit against the wall or the ground, and it usually feels better for your child to swing because it has a more forgiving feel. Plus, wood bats are traditionally easier on your shoulders and really help build arm strength.

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Choosing a bat for an adult is much easier than choosing a bat for a kid. However, the task gets a little simplified when you are aware of the qualities to be or not to be considered. The selection of bats is much of a process as it requires effort to be put in considering the right size, weight, length, and overall bat control.

In addition, if you lack the confidence to find out the best bat for your kid, you must rely on professional selection instead of beating around the bush.

Hopefully, the information here was of help and would help you to finalize an apt baseball bat for 7-8-year-old players.

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