How To Break in a Catcher’s Mitt

Breaking in a Catcher’s Mitt


A high-quality catcher’s mitt is an essential part of catching in baseball. A broken-in catcher’s mitt will give you the control and flexibility to catch the ball with less fear of injuring your hand. However, breaking in your catcher’s mitt can be hard. Here are a few tips for breaking in your new mitt.

You should start by purchasing a well-made mitt. The best catcher’s mitts are made of all leather. If the mitt is made of leather, it will allow your hands to breathe so you won’t sweat, which will cause the glove to break in faster. The webbing in the glove is another important part because it will allow your hand to flex with the ball when you catch it. This will help protect your hand from injury.

many players end up buying a cheaper synthetic catcher’s mitt, which may hurt the development of your catching skills in the long run.

Once you have a high-quality mitt, you should break it in by rubbing it with a baseball and softball. Rub the balls on the outside of the glove to get it started. Always rub from the top side of the mitt to the bottom side.

Why Do Baseball Gloves Need to be Broken In?


Because baseball gloves are designed for quick, hard use, the leather will initially be stiff. This stiffness can cause you to injure your fingers. Once the leather is no longer painful, it needs to be broken in so you can use the mitt more effectively.

Breaking in your mitt means wearing it for an extended period of time so that it conforms to your hand and allows you to have a better grip on the ball. Breaking in your catcher’s mitt is an essential part of using a catcher’s mitt.

Best Way Break in a Catchers Mitt


  • While practicing catch, don’t fully tighten the webbing.
  • Keep catching each pitch without tightening the webbing. Don’t tighten the tags on the mitt until you’re accustomed to catching. Keep on doing this until you are able to catch without tightening your mitt at all. You may need to do this for at least a month.
  • After you become accustomed to catching, start to tighten the mitt and stop the glove from moving by fastening the tags all the way down. This will make it more difficult to catch. But if you practice catching with the mitt tied up all the way, it will help prevent hand fatigue during games.
  • break in your mitt while playing catch with another catcher, so you can learn better catching techniques while you break in your glove.
  • Avoid rough and rough breaking in. The mitt will become very stiff, which can make it harder to catch, especially if you sweat when catching.
  • You may want to give the mitt a break once in a while. This will help the leather soften up, which will make it easier to catch.
  • After two months of normal use, take the mitt out and wash it. Add a little baby powder to the webbing to help it dry faster. Then apply your preferred glove oil or lotion.




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