10 Best Catchers Mitts For Youth and Adult [Complete Guide 2022]

best catchers mitt

Baseball Catchers Mitts


You receive what you give. Well, in baseball a catcher mitt is a receiver and a giver. A catcher has to receive pitches by their team’s pitcher. Receiving is the primary duty of the best catcher mitts and one has to be adept in it and catchers are the giver, too, who accentuate the performance of a pitcher and helps their team for victory selflessly by their maneuver. Catcher gloves play a major role in limiting the number of hits by a batter.

Best Catchers Mitt for Baseball Catchers


A catcher is a captain on a field, who sets the fielders to a strategic position for the defensive team from behind the plate squatting for the ball to come. It is discerning from every spectator’s vantage point that it’s the pitcher who is responsible for an outcome of a match, but it is the catcher who has the responsibility of the other players, as well as the pitcher’s. Nonetheless, both pitcher and catcher play a crucial role in Baseball.

Now, if your kid is appointed for the position of a catcher in their high school baseball team, or they chose to be a catcher, then besides your support for their selfless position you need to keep a tab on the equipment which are best to be used for your little catcher in the market. Safety and protection should to the top priority in choosing the right best youth catchers gear as they have the most dangerous position in the field and crouching for the rest of the game waiting for a hit aren’t easy.

History of Catcher’s Mitts


There was a time when catchers used to catch the ball with their bare hands. It was a long time ago and we, fortunately, passed that time; otherwise, imagine playing with a sore hand for the rest of the match.

The evolution of a catcher’s mitts is significant in the history of baseball. Although it started with bare hands, it soon replaced regular-looking leather gloves with cuts on the fingertips. Years later the basic-looking synthetic gloves built with extra and better padding and webbed fingers, while the earliest catcher’s gloves had a separate sheath for each finger. Yes, the transition was slow but turned out to be effective for the new-age players. As the sport passed decade after decade, the modern players beat the uneasiness with developed equipment.

For catchers, a mitt is imperative to avoid finger injuries and proffer the palm with comfort. With time if the construction of the catcher’s mitt can change, then why not the preferences of a catcher considering the sized gloves, comfort, quality, and durability. There are a number of brands and products swarming in the market and it can be daunting to choose the best one. Regardless of the numbers, we made a list of the best catcher’s playing glove to make it easy for you to put a finger on the product.

What are the Best catcher’s mitts?


If you are a parent of a young baseball player then it is your foremost duty to get them the coveted equipment to improve their game with convenience.

Here’s come the list of the best catcher’s mitts for youth:

Wilson A2000 M1 Superskin


What is important to check before owning a catcher’s mitts is it’s built to endure the forceful hits and control the ball. This Wilson A2000 M1 Superskin series is made up of the finest quality of leather that feels supreme to clad on your hand while facing the unruly pitches. The solid construction of the mitts is also the reason that one could use this mitt season after season. It is designed for professional players. A true baseball fanatic would sure root for this ‘invincible in quality and high-end product,’ which stays true to its price. It gives your thumb much-needed mobility without repressing, as it is also very light weighted. 

A long-lasting catcher’s glove that will keep you digging balls out of the dirt and protecting your home plate for seasons to come. 


  • It keeps your hand cool and dry
  • Excellent made with great quality leather gloves
  • Rugged durability and unmatched feel
  • Provides great finger protection
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight Gloves


  • Difficult to break-in


Mizuno Pro Series 33.5” Catchers Mitts


The tight fibers of US kip synthetic leather create more durability and a soft feel. Comfortable, hand-based patterns set your pocket under the web and help to shape your gloves like a pro. The fine leather of these gloves will instantly put an impressive impact on the player’s game. It is also ideal for infield use. 

You won’t be regret losing your moolah for these genuinely reliable and well-made gloves, which also adds to their durability. These mitts can easily be considered High-end, long-lasting gloves.


  • Top-notch quality
  • Pigskin leather, but moves easily wherever necessary
  • Luxurious feel


  • It may take a bit longer to break-in

Mizuno Catchers Mitts


Rawlings Gold Baseball Glove Series


If you’re planning to invest your money on expensive catcher’s gloves for your kid, then this is the perfect stoppage to end your hunt and claim the product. It would be great to pamper the ardent little players. This mitt is a piece of craftsmanship, which is very diligently made and designed to provide the needed quality and durability. It is ideal for players from high school to the pros. These gloves are also built for an elite player with masterful defensive skills. Whether you’re in a little league or competing against the best baseball teams, this is the perfect match for your requirement. 


  • Flawless kip leather
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • Attractive style
  • It is made of pure leather. Its soft leather helps to increase the durability of the gloves


  • Very expensive
  • Hard to break-in

Rawlings Gold Baseball Glove Series


Check Price on Amazon

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All-star Pro Elite Mitt


If price can prove the worth of a product, then this All-star Pro Elite catcher’s mitt is the perfect example to spend your money on these worthy gloves. It is by far a catcher’s dream to grasp it. Exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide allows for fast break-in and extended life. Only the finest materials and hand craftsmanship are used to make these exceptional mitts. The soft tan leather Thicker pocket allows for a great feel and gives the ball that extra pop that pitchers love to hear.

If you’re a professional player or a budding athlete who aspires to play in the big leagues, this is the best glove for you. The stiffness of the leather makes it sustain longer. Although the glove is stiff, it isn’t tough to break in.


  • Very light weighted and easy to control
  • Amazing quality
  • Exceptional design


  • Lack of padding
  • Not made for smaller hands

All-star Pro Elite Mitt

Mizuno Prospect Youth Catcher’s Mitt:


Younger players often struggle to find the right glove size for their small hands, but Mizuno Prospect mitts are best for the gaggle of young players. It’s a really helpful mitt for the developing catchers without the size being a snag to fit in. Also features the patented Para shock palm, which absorbs the shock of repeated use, providing less rebound, outstanding protection, and ideal comfort you can go we find the how to find  best catcher gear sets

Overall, this glove is one of the best Budget-friendly mitts for a Perfect youth glove at an affordable price. If you’re a beginner then this product fits the bill this is perfect for Youth Catchers Gear 9-12.


  • Easy break-in and great fit
  • Great for left-handed catchers
  • Good looking
  • Best mitts for beginners
  • Makes catching easy for young players
  • Flexible


  • Not enough padding
  • Weak wrist strap
  • Too small for developed catchers

Mizuno Prospect Youth Catchers Mitt


Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves series:


If you’re rooting for a glove that is well balanced between entry-level and pro level, then this Rawlings Encore Baseball Glove Series provides more hand protection and shape retention for younger players. Added palm protection and extended glove base, making this a safe choice for players looking for an extra layer of defense against hard-hit balls. The deep pocket allows players to easily close their fingers around the Web. The strong and adjustable pull wrist strap makes the glove feel great and comfortable. It is also crafted from the highest-quality leather that feels amazing on your hand and gives confidence before the game. Perfect for a serious 8-14-year-old player.

Overall, this is a great-looking, well-crafted glove for youth who are looking for beyond beginner-level quality mitts. It also gives good protection from fast-paced balls and very comfortable to move the fingers without any difficulties. Go get your serious ballplayer this baseball catcher’s mitts.


  • Superior quality
  • Good gripping in fingers
  • Great palm protection
  • The deep pocket leaves a lot of space for your hand and makes it easier to catch the ball
  • Top-notch stitching


  • Tough to break-in
  • Too big for smaller hands

Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves series

Mizuno Samurai Pro 34” Baseball catcher’s Mitt:


Mizuno is a renowned name when it comes to buying baseball equipment. This is a great deal for someone looking for a catcher’s mitt at a low price, who is still at a rudimentary level. It’s a pro-sized catcher’s mitt that features patent-pending thumb protection technology. Para shock palm provides less rebound, more protection, and ideal comfort.

Overall, Mizuno Samurai Pro provides a high level of protection for young catchers, who is still learning the game.


  • Very well built glove
  • Very comfortable and protects the hand from the pitcher’s fastball
  • Reasonable price for the glove which is built with high-quality leather
  • Great thumb protection
  • Feels light


  • Takes a long time to break-in
  • The glove is small for bigger hands

Mizuno Samurai Pro 34 Baseball catcher Mitt

Akadema APP240 ProSoft Catcher’s Mitt:


If you’re planning to buy a mitt and obscure about how to choose a perfect one for your newfound position, then this is the best glove, to begin with, and without wasting too much money. This mitt is a perfect example of great comfort and a fair price.

Its dual-layer padding in the palm along with the finger makes the glove very comfortable to wear and offers great protection for the fingers and the palm. Overall, this mitt is very suitable for high school teenagers.


  • High-quality fit and finish
  • Excellent padding
  • Easy breaking in
  • Made by fine quality leather
  • Amazing pocket


  • Too small
  • Its flexibility and softness compress the durability

Akadema APP240 ProSoft Catcher Mitt

Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series:


The Rawlings Renegade glove can be best used by players of various ages and skill levels in baseball and slow-pitch softball mostly for recreational purposes. These Perfect gloves help the players to rake up grounders and fly balls with greater ease. With the flexible shell, mesh back and soft lining materials, catching is made easy with the Renegade glove series. It helps the young players to break in easily with 90% factory break-in. From minors to teenagers, everyone can handle this mitt.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Extra comfort and protection with the high-density cushioned palm and index finger pads
  • Pocket friendly for the beginners
  • Decent quality


  • Too small for adult players
  • The opening of the glove is small

Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series:Check Price on Amazon

Easton Pro Collect Hybrid 33.5” Mitt:


If you’re willing to pay for a better quality mitt from the minors to the majors, or even inbetweeners who play as a hobby on holidays or weekends but wanted to own a better quality glove, this mitt is perfect for all of them. No matter if you’re a rookie or a pro, step into the field like a serious player with this Easton Pro collection Hybrid mitt. Hybrid construction featuring durable USA chrome-tanned Horween steer hide leather palm and lining, combined with a lightweight. Japanese tanned professional reserve steer hides shell back position-specific professional patterns. Professional grade rawhide laces provide extra pocket durability.


  • With a super soft texture, this mitt is very comfortable
  • Even pro league players can use this glove


  • Not available for left-handed catchers

Easton Pro Collect Hybrid 33.5” Mitt


FAQs – Best Catchers Mitt To Buy


Are mitt and glove the same in baseball?


Well, in baseball the terms glove and mitt are interchangeable for the catchers, but technically mitts are advanced versions of fielder’s gloves with better padding and comfort and designed to trap a ball and scope up grounders and fly balls easily.

How to choose a perfect size mitt for youth?


The size matters in picking a youth mitt. As the young players are still growing they would need a smaller size, which is below 32”

What leather is best for a better quality mitt?


There are various types of leather, but expensive mitts are made from exotic animals, which also determined the durability and flexibility, also the price.

Why does a catcher’s mitt have more padding than the regular glove?


Catchers need more protection from the constant whack and padding to secure the palm from sore injuries and increase the time of the collision.

How long does the catcher’s mitt last?


As it is said the better quality the more durability. But it is slightly tricky when it comes to a catcher’s mitt. It is very well known that better leather makes the glove more stiff and durable, but it is a bit tough to break in. The softer mitts are flexible, but it impacts durability.



Whether you’re a serious player or a recreational player, if you’re a catcher, a mitt to have a better hold onto the ball is must be. A catcher’s job is no joke when one had to face a powerful hit to catch and endure the painful collision of the covered hand and the ball. The traditional gloves used by the fielders in baseball are completely different from the catcher’s mitt, as the catcher’s mitts are reinforced with extra pads around the palm with flexibility, the webbed pocket between the thumb and the index finger designed to trap a ball. So, that’s why we picked out some of the best catcher’s mitt available in the market.

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