10 Best Youth Catchers Gear 9-12 Year Old Players in 2021

youth catchers gear 9-12

“ Only catcher’s gear protects your kids when they are playing”

Are you looking for youth catchers gear 9-12 age kids? Well! Then you are on the right spot! A catcher has an exciting job in the team because he has the most duties. For him to carry out those responsibilities, he should have the right gear. If your son is a baseball team’s catcher, you should invest in quality catcher gears.

When it comes to gear up for baseball season, nothing is more essential than protection. If your child is the catcher for their baseball team, it’s best to invest in quality sets of catcher gear. Several children love playing baseball, but they need the best gear to keep them secure during playtime.  

One of the hardest tasks in all sports is the catcher job and this is true also in youth baseball. In this job, you have to bother about foul points, rambling baseball bats, players staying even-keeled over it all while wearing several pieces of equipment. That’s a lot of physical harm to take, and any opportunity you get to make a catcher’s task simpler is going to enhance performance.

And the performance is increased only when a player will use the right catcher’s gear. So, without any delay let me dive you into my best picks for youth catchers gears for 9-12 age kids.

Top 10 Youth Catchers Gear Sets 9-12


Under Armour PTH Victory Youth Catchers Gear 9-21 

under armour youth catchers gear 9 12

This under armour youth catchers gear set 9-12 consists of a helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and throat guard. It’s created for youth players and comes with flexible shoulder paddings. It also comes with full uppermost body safety. You get foam additions in the shoulders, chest, and neck, giving further security. It also provides your young champion a more customized fitting.

Additionally, it comes with an Aegis microbe shield that helps to defend against undesired bacteria and smells. Overall it is lightweight, affordable, and portable.


Brand: Under Armor

Colour: 4 colours available

Kit Involves: Helmet, Chest Protector, Leg Guards, and Throat Guard

Size: Suitable for 9-12 years old kids


  • The helmet is SEI Approved to fit the NOCSAE standard.
  • Advised to fit players between 9 & 12 Years old.
  • Flexible gears will assure a custom fitting.


  • Sometimes it may be unavailable on Amazon.

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

Louisville Slugger youth catchers gear 9-12

Louisville Slugger is most known for its baseball bats. Though, the bat company does build a powerful youth catcher’s set – the Louisville Slugger Series 5. This set has the security and manoeuvrability that players require from the catcher’s gear. 

It is designed for common catchers (about ages 8-12). It’s famous because of its blend of cost, convenience, stability, and quality. The chest protection is well built and gives good rebound direction, given its multiple foam layers.


Color: Multiple colors available

Brand: Louisville Slugger

Size: Suitable for 9-12 years old kids

Kit Involves: Helmet, chest protector, and leg guard.


  • Sleek bright finished NOCSAE certified helmet with moisture wicking chin padding
  • Accuracy pad designed chest protector with high-density foam stuffing and across the shoulder harness for an improved fitting.


  • Maybe too little for older youth athletes.

Wilson Youth EZ Gear Kit for Youth Catchers Gear 9-12

Wilson youth catchers gear 9-12

Wilson gives this gear set in 4 color choices so you’ll be ready to match your team’s colors. Wilson also gives this set at a small cost which is suggested for ages 9-12. The only point I seem to show that it is one of the best wilson youth catchers sets out there for the cost is that you shouldn’t assume. 

The helmet comes with a premium-grade ABA shell for the full safety of your athlete from balls and bats and has venting to keep security while having your head fresh.


Brand: Wilson

Color: 4 colors available

Size: 9-12 old years kids

Kit Involves: Helmet, leg guard, and chest protector.


  • The precise design of gear guarantees a proper fitting and use
  • Fast fitting closure method gets this on or off your player in 10 seconds or fewer


  • Not all padding can be separated for washing.
  • Big sizes only fit older teen players planning to move into more competing groups.

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EASTON ELITE X Baseball Youth Catchers Gear 9-12

easton youth catchers gear 9 12


The Elite X catcher’s helmet concentrates on convenience and security. The ABS synthetic exterior shell has air vents fixed in key areas to make cool airflow within the helmet and save the player’s head protected and sweat-free.  

The inner padding is also breathable thanks to the moisture-regulating fabric and breathable air mesh elements. For a stable fit, the jaw cup and rear-top band are fully flexible and give a form-fitting pattern that will fit 9-12 years old kids. 

The chest protector of Easton youth catchers gears 9-12 uses the corresponding layered foam stuffing as the Easton set. This padding method allows both security and rebounds power for top execution behind the plate. 


Brand: Easton

Size: Adult,Intermediate

Color: Several colors available

Kit Includes: Chest Protector, Helmet, and leg guard. 


  • Suitable wear from helmet to leg protectors.
  • An all-around excellent set for catchers in the 9-12 age kids.


  • Gear sizes may be too big for younger teen players.
  • More costly than many of the other teen’s catcher’s kits.

EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers Equipment Set

easton youth catchers gear 9-12

This gear set is the best in quality and cost. It can be customized to fit your teen player, applying the dual back adjustment settled on the chest protector. Balancing this enables you to get snug and custom access to each catcher. Not having loose gear swinging nearby will help enhance the versatility of youthful catchers.

Other great characteristics are that it comes with an ABD shell, which is layered under foam filling. It helps to protect the catcher from the influence of a high pitch. The steel mask is strong and made to last. The venting method works properly too, which is essential for warm days at the ballparking.


Brand: Easton

Color: 4 colors available

Kit Includes: Helmet, Chest Protector, and Leg Guards

Size: Intermediate, Adult


  • The helmet is NOCSAE-certified and a proper fit for the 9-12 age group.
  • The chest protector is made from high-quality foam padding.


  • Straps are not very durable.
  • Straps of chest protectors may be loosened when playing.

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Rawlings Velo 2.0 NOCSAE Baseball Catchers Gear 9-12

rawlings youth catchers gear 9 12

Rawling is another famous brand for catcher’s gear. The size of the gears that come in this kit is top-rated catcher’s gear for youth athletes in the 9-12 age group. For fit, the helmet has a flexible chin padding and a 3-way backplate that can be freed or stretched for any aspired fit. To add convenience, the helmet of Rawlings youth catchers gear 9 12 has imperative purifying holes and a liner that is invented to decrease condensation and sweating.


Brand: Rawlings

Color: 6 colors available

Kit Includes: Leg guards, chest protector, and helmet


  • Offers improved air-conditioning and airflow.
  • Comes with High-strength, resistance helmet.


  • Only sized for older teen players.

Easton Black Magic Youth Catchers Gear 9 12

easton black magic youth catchers gear set ages 9 12

It is the trendiest and famous Easton black magic youth catchers gear set ages 9-12. It comes with a chest protector that has stripes of lightweight foam. Its goal is to give complete security, as well as to depress wild pitches of the chest. This stops the ball from rushing off in a different direction as it would with a strong shell chest protector. It additionally comes with the same dual back adjustment as the earlier model.


Color: Black

Brand: Easton

Kit Includes: Helmet, chest protector, and leg guards


  • Chest protector comes with a foam stuffing for security
  • Leg guards come with double knee safety.


  • Big sizes do not fit smaller, younger teen players.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Gear Box Set

Mizuno Samurai youth catchers gear sets 9 12

Mizuno is well recognized for having high-quality products with very easy, sincere designs. The Mizuno Samurai teens baseball catcher’s set matches this fame completely. Mizuno’s purpose for this trendy youth catcher’s gear was to build a long-lasting set that gave both performance and convenience.

The helmet has a 3-layer EVA foam filling to protect the player’s head. While carefully placed air-conditioning holes give constant airflow to keep the player’s head fresh. Lastly, a powerful, steel mask in the front guards the player’s face, without frustrating their capacity to view the whole field.


Brand: Mizuno

Color: Several colors available

Kit Includes: Helmet, leg guards, and chest protector.


  • Mizuno’s gear is built with top-quality materials and innovative design features.
  • The chest protector is built with a low rebound foam with a specifically designed grippy cover to help keep shots in front of you.


  • One of the most costly youth catcher’s gear kits on Amazon.

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Rawlings Players Series Baseball Catcher’s Set


rawlings youth catchers gear sets 9 12

Advised for ages 9-12, Rawlings makes one of the greatest catcher’s gear sets anyone can purchase. The helmet is outfitted with an impact immune cage and the chest protector is made of a collision absorbing foam for the final ball controller. The threefold knee leg guards are plenty stretchy sufficient to guarantee the catcher still has their complete range of action.

This set is more costly than other sets but it’s difficult to beat the Rawlings features. Everything on this kit is completely flexible. You will be capable of fixing this for a custom fit to any player as high as they aren’t very tall or small for their age. This kit also satisfies the precise NOCSAE criteria. 


Brand: Rawlings

Color: Black

Kit Includes: Helmet, leg guards, and chest protector


  • 14-inch chest protector involved
  • 13-inch leg guards involved
  • Suggested for ages 9 – 12
  • Certified NOCSAE standard


  • Doesn’t have the quality of padding needed for bigger levels of games.


All-Star System 7 Adult Pro Catcher’s Set

All-Star System youth catchers gear 9-12

All-star make extremely high-quality kits, but of course, that quality appears with a premium cost tag. The chest protector is for adults 16.5 inches, leg guards 16.5 inches, and the helmet suits a 7 to 7 ½ cap size. The helmet is a NOCSAE certified hockey custom catcher’s mask. 

Ideally, this is for players of ages 16 and up except you have a younger teen that is really great for their age. The ergonomic pattern and lightweight are ideal for preventing exhaustion during longer games. The All-Star steel cage gives a better variety of views and supports catchers to track down pop-ups. 


Brand: All-Star

Color: 4 colors available

Kit Involves: Helmet, leg guards, and chest protector

Weight: 22.4

Size: 16.5″


  • Created to be light and small, this chest protector has the most suitable fit and breathability. 
  • Inner moldable PE shielding plates are embedded into the neck, collarbone, and chest to keep those high-strung areas well protected. 
  • Super lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting.


  • No security to the shoulders.
  • Doesn’t have high-quality padding.

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Essential Catcher’s Gears


Catcher Gear includes the helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and throat protector, etc. These gears are essential for playing any sort of game because the player’s protection is much more important than anything else.

Chest Protector

“Chest protectors are a crucial part of catchers gear, and they are exceptionally essential for young athletes.”

The chest protector has a couple of various styles to look for; the chest protector with a groin guard piece, without a private protector piece, and a groin guard piece that can be removed according to your choice.


Leg Guards

“Youngsters and teens aged catchers need leg guards that will keep them protected and satisfactory while playing”.

The leg guards are going to look very related at first but the variations in them will be in support and stuffing. Seem for leg guards that have added padding behind the knee for appended security for when your catcher is shaping balls in the soil.

Some kits you will get will also come with three knee pads combining extra security and convenience particularly for indoor practices and training. Leg guards also come with distinct style straps to support stay in place or join in the back with padding.


“When playing at the back of the plate, guarding the head against damage is especially critical at younger ages”.

Helmets are such a necessary piece of gear, particularly when you examine the essential role it plays in protecting players’ heads while playing. 

Thank You for reading this guide! I hope this guide was helpful to you!

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