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Best Youth Catchers Gear


Are you looking for best rated youth catchers gear 2022. In this post will guide about pros and cons of youth catchers gear & qualities as well. Check out youth’s catcher gear reviews, articles, and more!

Baseball is among those games which always bring out a lot of enthusiasm for all the Players. Everyone wants to engage in this game with all the precautions so that there will be no problem in any case. When it comes to looking at equipment, then the list is not so long. But precautions are a must consider by a person. In case they are not considered about the precautions, then certain problems will arise which may become unbearable to an extent. Therefore, it is essential whenever you are engaged in baseball, the best youth catchers gear is also there for you.

But sometimes a user is not aware of how to choose the right gear set. At that moment they go through different options and sometimes end up with the best and sometimes the worst one. Therefore, if you also want yourself to be on the safe side and want to choose the best youth catcher gear set, then this article is for you. We are here discussing the best Catchers gear and also about the parameters you need to consider while purchasing them. After this read, there will be no problem arising in any case, and you have the best set available for a safer match.

Our 3 Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets of 2022

All-Star System 7 Axis Youth Catcher's Set, Scarlet
All-Star System 7 Axis Youth Catcher's Set, Scarlet
  • Created to be light and small, this chest protector has the most suitable fit and breathability.
  • Super lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting.
  • Inner moldable PE shielding plates are embedded into the neck, collarbone, and chest to keep those high-strung areas well protected. 
EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment
EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment
  • Suitable wear from helmet to leg protectors.
  • Super lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting.
  • An all-around excellent set for catchers in the 9-12 age kids.
Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher's Gear Box Set
Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher's Gear Box Set
  • Mizuno's gear is built with top-quality materials and innovative design features.
  • The chest protector is built with a low rebound foam with a specifically designed grippy cover to help keep shots in front of you.

EASTON GAMETIME Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set


It is important that you are checking on to everything whenever it comes to purchase the best youth catchers equipment. This Easton Gametime Catcher box set will hit at the top for you when you are looking forward to the products offered to maximum safety.

It covers an individual from head to toe, and there is no need for them to worry about anything because the developers keep the protection into consideration and then use the material. It is quite light in weight and lets a user have control of the game at the maximum level. Helmet, chest protector, leg guard and solid glass shell are there which make it different from other available.

Moreover, inside the shell, the foam used is quite comfortable; hence there will be no need for them to feel disappointed in any case. The fabric is moisture-wicking which lets you understand that it is not creating any trouble during the gameplay. There will be no need for you to worry about anything because along with multiple protections, it will provide you with enormous features for smoother gameplay. Protection will not be questioned in any case at all.

  • It is known to offer maximum safety.
  • Strategic airflow vents are also there.
  • Chin Cup design is ergonomic.
  • It comes up with an adjustable and wide strap.
  • A chest protector is up to the mark.
  • Knee product has no pads.

All-Star System7 Axis Intermediate Catchers Set 9-12

Best youth catchers gear 9-12

If you are among those who do not wish to compromise with quality at all, then this youth catcher’s gear 9-12 will hit at the top for you. It will not only boost up the confidence of your child but let them engage in the game more efficiently. This all-star player series is firm and comes up with a robust Catcher helmet. Maximum protection will be there for the player in every case.

Additional ABS plastic shell is injected, and a dual welded mask for maximum protection. Having a look at the chest protector then maximum protection will also be there for a player because multi-layered foam paddling is used along with built-in sternum plates. The sternum plates are known to offer extra protection.

Also, it is a reliable set and the best choice for all those people from the age group 9 to 12. Additionally, plastic guard legs are there which are known to offer protection to the extent to which a user has not to imagine.

  • Maximum protection will be offered to the player.
  • It comes up with a well dual welded mask.
  • Plastic guard legs are there.
  • Multi-layered foam padding.
  • Best choice for people from 9 to 12 years of age.
  • No as such cons to mention

Mizuno Youth Samurai Box Set (Black/Grey) Catcher gear 

mizuno youth black/grey catcher gear

If you are looking forward to purchasing a set for young players, then this from Mizuno youth Samurai will hit at the top for you. Well, every parent wants their child to have the best equipment which is offering them greater protection.

This Catcher will become the same for them. It is customizable, and a user can adjust it accordingly. The helmet available is up to the mark and offers complete ventilation along with comfort and protection. In case your kid is new to baseball, then it is the best choice to consider. Also, the chest protector is up to the mark because the foam used for preparing it is comfortable, and flexibility is also taken into consideration.

Leg Guards come up with detachable knee pads a user can adjust them accordingly. Also, it is known to offer comfort to the extent to which a user has not imagined as well.

  • Gear bag is also there with the set.
  • The jaw pad is adjustable for better comfort.
  • Superior quality material used for preparing it.
  • The flexibility offered is up to the mark.
  • Design is up to the mark.
  • Leg guard comes up with detachable knee pads.
  • Quite an expensive choice to have

 Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

Louisville Slugger Youth catchers gear

When it comes to having a reliable catcher set this one from Louisville will hit at the top. Yes, you just get it right. There are so many features that make it the best choice for all the users out there. It is sturdy, and lightweight material is used to prepare it.

When a user wishes to get an idea about protection, then with this, a player will be going to have maximum protection during the game. It is highly efficient and offers maximum protection during the game. Flexibility is also up to the mark. Hence, the game will not be hindered in any case. It comes up with a wider smooth knee guard which is known to improve pivoting and sliding.

Also, adequate air circulation is there, which does not let a person feel disappointed in any case at all. There is a variety of color combinations, and a user can choose any of them accordingly. There is no need for them to end up with a single colour only. According to their choice, they can have a look and choose the one for them.

  • It is very tough
  • The lightweight material is used to prepare it
  • ABS plastic shell is there
  • Colour combinations are multiple
  • Vents are there which is known to offer adequate air circulation
  • The best set for beginners to professionals
  • Some problem is there with a helmet

Under Armour PTH Victory Series Catching Kit, Meets NOCSAE, Ages 9-12, Black

under armour  Youth catchers gear

This product from Under Armour PTH victory series is also the best choice for all those who are looking forward to youth catchers gear 9-12. It is known to offer up to the mark protection. Yes, you just get it right. The equipment comes up with a good fitting, and for 9 to 12 years old this is the best choice to have. The flexibility is also up to the mark, and there will be no problem arising in any case. The chest protector is made from very comfortable foam, which will let a player be in a game for a longer duration without any hassle.

  • It comes up in a sturdy design.
  • Affordable option to have.
  • It offers great comfort.
  • Durability is up to the mark.
  • Size of the helmet may create some issues

 EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set

Easton Elite  Youth catchers gear

If you wish to purchase a product that is known to offer complete protection, then this will be going to hit at the top for you. It is known to offer protection from head to toe. The material used for preparing the set is up to the mark, and there is no need for a user to end up with a product that is lacking in protection. Moreover, it is a durable choice to have because the material is of superior quality. There is no need for a user to worry about protections because additional protectors are used during preparing it. The helmet is quite tight, which is known to offer protection to the head. Accordingly, a user can adjust the settings easily. In helmet padding, it is known to absorb sweat, and a user can have smoother gameplay.

  • The durable choice to have.
  • It is an inexpensive option.
  • Head-to-toe protection is there for a player.
  • Design is up to the mark.
  • Some problems may be there with size with some kids

Wilson C1K Catcher’s Gear Kit


Wilson Youth catchers gear

For all the persons who consider themselves to be grown up and looking forward to purchasing a character set that will fulfill their requirements, the Wilson C1K Catcher gear set will hit at the top. It comes up with a glossy finish helmet. Having a closer look at the chest protector than high-density foam padding is used, which is known to offer the ultimate protection and comfort. Knee pad protectors are also up to the mark, and a user can watch them as well. Also, this will be going to a perfect choice for adults and intermediate as well. There are different color combinations available like black, black-Orange, Navy, Navy-Scarlet, and so on a user can choose any of them accordingly. Adjustable straps are there through which a user can make the adjustment easily.

  • Adjustable straps are there.
  • The durable choice to have.
  • It is known to offer up-to-the-mark comfort.
  • It is known to offer protection from head to toe.
  • The design is up to the mask.
  • Leg guard comes up with removable pads for washing.
  • No as such cons to mention

 EASTON THE FUNDAMENTAL BY JEN SCHRO Softball Catchers Protective Box Set

easton softball Youth catchers gear

Last but not least this Easton the fundamental by Jen Schro will be the best choice for all the users who are looking forward to purchasing a product that is durable along with better protection. It comes up with a dual-density foam padding in the helmet, which is known to offer comfort and protection to an extent. It is best in class and the improved neck and collarbone god is also there. One can only conclude that they will be going to have head-to-toe protection after wearing this one. Also, an adjustment they can do accordingly because the adjustable straps are there to help them in every possible case.

  • It is a durable choice to have.
  • The protection offered from head to toe.
  • Best choice for beginners and professionals.
  • The flexible choice to have.
  • Adjustable straps are there.
  • It is quite light in weight.
  • No as such cons to mention

Champro Triple-Play Youth Catcher’s Set

Champro Youth catchers gear

Safety is an important factor of consideration for all the players to engage in baseball. If you do not wish to compromise with safety, then this set from Champro triple play will be the best choice for you to have. It comes up with a hockey style that is strong and known to offer maximum protection to the players.

It is very light, and you will not feel like you are wearing something during the game. This set is quite flexible. Hence you can easily and gauge in-game without any hassle. For knees as well, there is protection which is known to ensure stability and protection. The chest protector is also very light in weight along with full coverage. A user will not be going to have the trouble that the set they are wearing is not offering them enough protection.

It is a strong and durable choice a user can have. With this set, there will be no trouble because this is a durable option on which a player can rely for longer durations.

  • It is very light in weight.
  • It has a fit air tech leg, guard.
  • It is a hockey-style headgear.
  • It is a durable choice to have.
  • For children from 9 to 12 years of age, it is the best choice to have
  • No as such cons to mention

What Size Youth Catcher’s Mitt Should 12 Year Old Use?

youth catchers gear for 12 year old

This question often arises for the inquisitive yet rookie parents of a young budding baseball player. The answer to the question varies as not every young player has the same size and since they are still growing, chances are that they might more often need to change it. However, a young player would always need a bigger mitt as most of the youth leagues use bigger balls. A Catcher’s mitt size is measured by its circumference and a 12-year-old catcher would need a glove with a circumference of 32-32.5 inches.

Is There A Difference Between Softball And Baseball Youth Catcher’s Gear?

Although there isn’t much difference between softball and baseball youth catcher’s gear, softball player’s chest protectors have a break in the chest to help fit the shape of female players. And they both come with groin Protectors which can be easily removed.

Playing in a catcher’s position is always comes with a condition for protecting the body from head to toe in baseball and softball, the Catcher’s mitt is another important component of the gear. As softball players play with the larger ball, they ultimately end up having bigger mitts with bigger pockets to softball combat bats against the fast pitch compared to baseball.

Whereas the facemask and shin Protector is the same in both sports.

What Are The Best Catcher’s Gear For Youth?

Brands Of Youth Catcher Gear

Picking the best youth Catcher’s gear is a pretty easy job once you figure out the best in the market, and for those kids who took an interest in the sport latterly, they might find it tough to pick the best from the pile. Before knowing what are the best Catcher’s gear out there in the market, let’s know what makes a gear best.

A best Catcher’s gear is something that stays true to its size and price. Made with fine material and lightweight without compromising its durability and flexibility. The kids who have chosen to be a Catcher may know the setback of the position in the field, but safety is most important, especially for the youth players.

The catcher’s gear is specially made for a catcher with extra precautionary components compared to the other fielder’s gear. Always look for a chest protector in a gear, which is exactly the size of your kid and it is crucial for them to stay protected throughout the game because a loose chest protector easily may come off.

All-Star YTH SYSTEM7 AXIS PRO Catcher’s Set


This sharp-looking gear set will fit the youth, who are around 9 to 12. Overall, it would be a great purchase for its fitting, sturdy protection, and durability.

If your kids are upgrading their league level along with their skills, then this gear is perfect for them. This gear set is for high school kids and 13 plus players who are still honing their skills while stepping up the ladder of the game.

Easton Elite X

Great quality with comfortable material and size for 9-12 years old and protective in nature. High-end product with true to its price. Although it would be a little large for the young players.

Rawlings Velo 2.0

This gear is ideal for ages 12 and under. If your kid is looking for a transition into the upper league, then this is a perfect match. Its great ventilation in the helmet keeps a player to stay cool in hot weather. Other than that it’s a styling-looking well-built gear for a youth under 12 can own.

Rawlings Players Junior


Very well-made equipment for playing in little league. It’s very light weighted and adjustable. Perfect size fitting for younger players under 9.

Mizuno Samurai

It’s a great gear, which gives you what a youth player wants and that is the protection and comfort. High-end product, but good value for money.

Wilson EZ Gear

Great gear at an amazing price. It gives abounding protection along with consistent performance in durability.

Easton Black Magic 2.0

Regardless of its high price, this Easton Black Magic 2.0 is perfect for 8-year-olds for adjusting each and every piece of equipment on the set.

Components of Youth Catcher’s Gear


Basic baseball gear for youth includes four major components and they are a helmet, a best catcher’s mitt for high school, a chest protector, and a shin guard. From head to toe, a catcher wears specialized equipment that can only be worn by them.

If you think about how to find the best catcher gear sets or their components so one can buy them separately, but it is always better to purchase them in a bulk set to avoid spending money unevenly on an exorbitant single piece of equipment. Always make sure that each and every piece of equipment in a set meets your kid’s requirements to stay protected behind the plate.

Catcher’s Mitt


best youth catchers mitt

Measure it by the circumference of your kid’s hand and choose the right size. Most of the little leagues play with the larger ball so keep it in a mind to buy a large mitt. The next thing apart from sizing is the leather quality. Leather quality should be fine and light to cladding. The more the mitt is padded, the more comfortable and protective it is for the fragile palms. Extra pockets are always good for extra protection from the fast pitch balls.

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Catcher’s Mask

best youth catchers mask 2021

A well-covered mask is all that a young player’s parent could desire. A mask is good and well protected if it is easy to wear, as well as rip off when needed. Ventilation provides an easy cooling facility in warm weather. And the coverage is extremely crucial for inexperienced players to safeguard their back and front head, cheeks and chin area, ears. Also, what is important is that a mask shouldn’t be a snag for a catcher from seeing the field vividly.

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Shin Guards

best youth shin guards

The shin guards automatically become important when it is for a Catcher whose job is to crouch throughout the game. Shin guards make sure to protect a Catcher’s lower leg from a little above the thigh, till the ankles from the spasms.


Chest Protector


best youth catchers chest protector

Youth chest protectors come with groin Protectors which can be easily removed. A chest protector protects a Catcher’s collar, shoulder, abdomen, and chest. It is padded with foam to make it comfortable and flexible.

What Are The Best Brands Of Youth Catcher’s Gear?

There are plenty of brands for baseball equipment in the market, but which of them produces the best of all, and how to know if they are worth the chance to be worn by you while playing on the field? These questions are bound to flood your head when you’ve so many options.

The consideration of buying the best gear is pretty much like a dream, given the lack of knowledge about the brands by the new catchers. If all the expectations and requirements meet the product or the brand that manufactured the product, then it’s your turn to make a move.

Pro players have their personal favorite brands and over the years they built trust with the players.  It’s not necessary to chase the other players for looking out for the best brands. It’s totally up to an individual’s choice whether the equipment is suitable as per expectations. However, when it comes to choosing youth gear, it’s better to go for the best and the safest options. Let’s take a look at some of the brands that produced the best youth gear:

Easton: Easton is one of the leading producers of baseball and softball equipment. Innovative design, constructed with fine and feather-like material, this brand is a win-win for both youth and adult players. Some of the best Easton youth gears are Easton Jen Schro, Easton Black magic 2.0, Easton Elite X, etc.

Louisville Slugger: This performance-driven brand is one of the most famous brands out there for major league players and the good news is that it is also producing youth-based equipment. And not just equipment but the best equipment in the market. Louisville Slugger Series 5 is one of the best youth gear.

Rawlings: Rawlings specialized in baseball clothing and equipment like gloves, helmets, protective gear for youth and adult players. Some of the best youth gear produced under this brand name are Rawlings players Junior, Rawlings Renegade 2.0, Rawlings Velo 2.0, etc.

Some other renowned manufacturers of youth gear are All-star, Wilson Youth Catchers Gear, Mizuno, etc.

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What Qualities To Look While Buying The Best Youth Catcher Gear?

Youth Catchers Gear

Weight:  Check out the weight of the set as well. It is a suggestion that when you are purchasing the set, make sure it is not that heavy in weight. The lightweight set will let you have smoother gameplay, and it will not be going to create any trouble. In case it is very heavy, then you will not carry it, and certain problems will arise.

Adjustment:  Do not forget to check out the adjustments as well. In case there is no adjustment, then you will not be able to adjust it according to the game. Sometimes a scenario is so that a player is feeling fatigued and they want themselves to rescue from it. But they cannot take it out. At that moment, the adjustments will help them to deal with it. Also, it provides them to have a proper fit from the set as well.

Flexibility:  Flexibility is also a matter of consideration for smoother Gameplay. In case the set they are having is not flexible, then it may hinder their performance. The material used for preparing the set contributes to flexibility a lot. Therefore, check out that it is quite flexible and you will be able to get the results as you are expecting. It is a suggestion always to the set which is quite thin. The thin sets are known to offer more flexibility.

Durability:  When you are purchasing a costly product, you never want that it will last for a few days or months only, you always expect that it is a durable one. Therefore check the durability of the product as well and then only place your order. In case the product is not durable then look for some other options out there.

Comfort:  Comfort is also a factor of consideration. If the case is so that the set you are wearing is not comfortable, then you will not be going to have smoother gameplay. Therefore always purchase wearing equipment that is comfortable and lets you engage in the game efficiently.

Rebound control:  Rebound control is also important to consider because this will let you keep track of the ball. It is known that the sets are prepared in a manner that they absorb the ball energy and result in the potential rebound. It lets a player conclude that the ball will be close to them and chances of stolen bases will get reduced deliberately.

Protection: Do not forget to check out the protection it is providing you. In case it is not sufficient enough in providing protection, then this is not the best choice for you to have. Therefore always choose the set which is ensuring you to have 100/100 protection.

Quality:  Quality is a primary factor of consideration. You cannot purchase a catcher set that is not of superior quality. In case the equipment you have purchased is of inferior quality, then the results will be not as you are expecting. Therefore you need to check out whether the material used for preparing it is comfortable or not.

Size:  Size is also a factor of consideration. A person cannot wear gear that is not of their size. If the scenario is so then, there will be no protection at all, and it appears to be like something which is not meant for them. Therefore if you do not want yourself to be in the same trouble, then check out the size and then place your order for the same.

Price:  Check out the price as well. The price is also a matter of consideration because these gears are available from a very high price to a low price or one can say expensive to inexpensive. You can purchase any of them according to your pocket. In case you are purchasing gear which is not fitting your budget requirements then some problem arises which will let you feel disappointed. Therefore check out the same as well.

Parts in the set:  Check out the parts in the set as well. Usually, in the set, there is a helmet, Shin guard, and chest protector. Check out all of them and also ensure that these are according to the requirement. If you are a beginner, then it is important to check out with bit detail because during the game you have no idea what may take place and how you need to behave. Your behavior on the field will also be affected by the catches that you have purchased.

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These are the basics a person needs to consider whenever they move ahead for purchasing the catcher gear set. Check on to everything in detail and then move ahead for stock until and unless your requirement is not fulfilled do not choose it at all.



It is quite evident that the best catcher’s gear for youth is an important equipment to consider whenever a person is engaged in baseball. Make sure you always buy the superior quality product because in case you have chosen the inferior quality product, then the requirements will not be fulfilled as you are expecting.

Therefore to make yourself equipped with the best, check to every feature in the set you are purchasing and then place your order. Until and unless you are not sure about all the features, it is a suggestion, do not move ahead with it at all.

We hope that this equipment review was helpful to you. If you have any questions for us about the best youth catcher’s gear. Contact Us!!

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