The Best Mizuno Youth Catcher’s Gear Review [ The Guide 2023]

Mizuno Catchers Gear Youth


Are you looking for the best quality chest protectors and leg guards? In that case, we have discovered a prestigious brand that fulfills all your desires by serving high-quality products. Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese company set up in Osaka in 1906. It is a global corporation that manufactures a wide range of sports equipment and sportswear of tennis, baseball, football, running, boxing, badminton, judo, table tennis, volleyball, rugby, golf, swimming, skiing, cycling, and athletics.

Mizuno is known for creating the best and Avant-grade sports equipment for many sports companies. It offers a great variety of catcher’s gear sets including mitts, leg guards, and masks. Mizuno put forward an endless variety including numerous attractive colors that will surely make you super excited to get these stunning protective gear.

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Why Should You Choose A Mizuno Catchers Gear


  • Provides a piece of innovative equipment to enhance an athlete’s performance.
  • Top professionals also wear the brand.
  • Best quality
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Stretchable material
  • Mid-range designs available
  • Softer leather

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Most popular products of Mizuno that you must not miss out

CHEST PROTECTORS – Mizuno Catcher’s Gear Samurai


The chest guards of Mizuno offer protective and play-enhancing features. In addition, Mizuno uses the latest technology to make the chest guards lightweight and comfy. The best chest protectors include Samurai G3 and the Pro G2. The samurai G3 has always been the best-selling chest protector of Mizuno, and it has also released its pro version with a more refined look and features.

For making your choice more optimum, the characteristics of both the chest guards are listed below:



The most bought chest protector amongst the two is the Samurai G3. These are specially designed for catchers only. These chest protectors have a completely new feature of personalizing the guards, and the neck pads can be removed and adjusted easily as per the desire of the catchers. The G3 series also comes with Low Rebound technology that prevents the ball from flying far away from you upon contact. The Samurai G3 series is fit for all levels of catchers, from youth players to adults. It is available in various color combinations, including Black, Black/Grey, Green/Grey, Cardinal/Grey, Navy/Grey, Purple/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey.

Mizuno Catcher's Gear & Equipment



However, the Samurai G3 series is available in all sizes and for all levels, but to offer the adults more competitive features, The pro-G2 has been released.

Additional features of the pro version are mentioned below:

  • Stretch design- The Mizuno pro-G2 series comes with a stretch design so that it moves along with you in any sort of direction. This feature is very beneficial when heavy pieces of equipment are used.
  • Rebound control- rebound control has been used in a more modified way that highly impacts the ball deadens.
  • Customization- The pro version uses movable pads and wings to adjust to conform to any body type. It comes in only one adult size of 16 inches with color combinations of Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey.

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LEG GUARDS – Mizuno Pro Shin Guards


The leg guards of Mizuno are highly in demand when it comes to the baseball industry. This is because the leg guards offered compromises of the latest innovations and athletic performance and athlete protection. Leg guards are available in two models- The pro G2 and Samurai models.



The Pro G2 leg guards are made for the catchers of competitive levels. In addition, it gives additional knee savers by including Triple knee attachment. The knee savers keep your leg and knee areas protected and secured when moving in any direction.

The quality is also top-notch. The metal buckles and silicon strips used all the more enhances the quality and durability. The adult size that it offers is 16.5 inches in Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey colors.

Mizuno Samurai Baseball Catchers Set

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Samurai G3 leg guards are a simplified version of the pro G2. Since these leg guards are for all age groups and all levels of catchers gear for youth, the leg guards are made extremely flexible by adding double knee caps. Furthermore, an exceptional feature of DryLite printing is also provided to avoid slipping while playing.

The size range of these leg guards are –

16.5 inches in adult

15.5 inches at intermediate level

14.5 inches for youth.

Mizuno Samurai G4 Adult Baseball Catchers Set

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MASKS – Mizuno Pro Catchers Gear


Like the chest protectors and leg guard, the Mizuno catcher’s mask is available in two models Pro G2 and Samurai G4.



The Pro G2 is an advanced catcher’s mask for adult and experienced players. The masks have MIZUNO PRO inscribed on the sides that give a fabulous look to the athletes.

Some notable features of the PRO G2 include:

  • EPP system
  • Additional ventilation holes
  • thin steel frame
  • strong outer shell

Mizuno Pro Catchers Gear

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The Samurai G4 series is an alternative to the pro series masks. However, it doesn’t have many whistles and bells, yet it provides a significant amount of protection. The samurai series is a hockey-inspired mask that makes the catchers feel safe. It contains triple layering of EVA foam padding that keeps the head secured from any potential impact. Wearing a mask for the players can be a little suffocating, so additional ventilation ports have been added to prevent moisture issues. The size range of this series is seven 1/4″ – 7 5/8″ for adults and 6 1/2″ – 7 1/4 for youth players available in Black, Green, Purple, Navy, Red, and Royal colors.

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MITTS – Mizuno Samurai Baseball Catchers Gear Set


The Mizuno offers two most commonly purchased catchers mitts youth series:-

  • World Win GXC75

Mizuno Baseball Catcher's Gear

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World win is a 34-inch mitt with high-quality features and long-lasting durability. For a quick break-in time, retro leather has been used. The most advanced part of this glove is Parashock technology in the palm. It protects the wrist area from ball strings.

  • Prospect series

Baseball and Softball Catcher's Gears

Prospect series is yet another viral catcher’s mitts amongst the youth players. It is a 31.5-inch mitt featuring a smaller wrist opening which provides more comfort to the players. In addition, the Mizuno prospect series helps young players learn proper techniques to play the catcher’s position.

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How Are Mizuno’s Leg Guards And Chest Protectors Unique From Other Brands?


  • Advanced technology
  • long-lasting durability
  • Light-weighted
  • Double protection

Top Best collection of Mizuno Catcher’s gear set, Check it out!

SAMURAI SERIES – Mizuno Samurai G4 Adult Baseball Catchers Set


It is one of the most popular youth catcher gear sets offered by Mizuno. Samurai series has achieved its rank because of all the attractive features that it provides. It has top-notch quality, and along with protection, it comes with equal comfort as well. Therefore, it is fit for all of the catchers. In addition, it offers a variety of color options, including two-tone and single colors. The Samurai series is an excellent purchase at such an affordable cost of $200-$250.

The following are the advanced features of the Samurai series, which makes it worth buying catcher’s gear.

  • Rebound control: It makes you feel more controlled when in charge, enabling you to block the baseball in front of you.
  • Custom-fit: To be the best fit for yourself, you are at liberty to move and adjust the shoulder pads in the G3 chest protectors.
  • Grip tech legs: It is a unique feature that is added to the leg guards. The leg guards have interior foam padding to make the leg guard fit the athlete so that he can run around efficiently without worrying about the movement of the leg guard.
  • Layers of padding: To provide maximum protection to the athletes, the G4 helmets of the series are given three layers of protective padding.

People of all ages can use the Samurai series( youth, intermediate, adult).

Buy Mizuno Catchers Gear Set

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This set of Mizuno catcher gear is specially designed for competitive and advanced players. Unfortunately, the Pro G2 series is not fit for youth players, but if competitive level catchers are willing to own the best-advanced equipment, this is the best choice.

For more details about the PRO G2 series, read the following features:

  • Leg guards: An advanced feature of the patented K-Pad is added in the leg guards for maximum knee protection.
  • Chest protectors: The PRO G2 series offers a highly comfortable. It feels exactly like a dry-fit shirt which means that chest protectors can stretch and move quickly.
  • Mask: The type of mask that it offers is not a traditional mask. Instead, it provides a hockey-style mask that provides the most substantial steel cage providing the best field vision to you.

 mizuno catcher's gear samuraiCheck Price on Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions – Mizuno Catchers Gear Reviews


  1. How To Ensure The Right Fit For Your Catcher’s Gear (Helmet)?

To get the right size of each piece of equipment, you need to get the correct dimensions. You should measure the circumference of your head for the helmet, measure it from over your ears. It will help you to determine the applicable hat size.

  1. How To Correctly Measure Your Catcher’s Gear ( Protector)?

For an optimum chest protector size, start measuring from the base of your neck to the top of your neck to your waist. The length will be the correct size that you might find online or on the stage.

  1. Is This Catcher’s Gear For Boys Or Girls?

Especially in softball, the catcher’s gear has a different fit for boys and girls. Girls vary their sizes and require a tight fit.

  1. Does The Catcher’s Gear Have Any Warranty?

All the pieces of gear, including leg guards, chest protectors, pieces of mask, and more, consist of at least one year of warranty. Check out Mizuno’s official website to know the warranty period.

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Hopefully, this guide was of great help to you. Here, you will find a detailed description of all Mizuno’s products and might get complete answers to your queries. Therefore, read this entire guide thoroughly and make a wise, smart decision while choosing a suitable product for yourself.

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