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Louisville Catchers Gear Youth


Louisville catchers gear

If you play catcher or are thinking of playing the position, whether in baseball or softball, you have no difficulty getting to have the right catcher gear to keep you protected! Hence, there is a broad category of catchers’ gear and relevant equipment available in the market.

For few people, it might be complicated as to what precisely is necessary for excellent stability and performance in the game and which brand is best. Custom Louisville slugger catcher’s gear provides protection and convenience to the user.

Louisville is a brand that arguably offers the most famous best youth baseball bat in the Slugger and is also liable for the TPX catchers gear range. A kid that plays baseball and softball requires to be protected with the best catcher’s gear. Please make assured the equipment and gear are protected and convenient.

If you are buying with a listing of essential items, more problems must be solved, like getting the right size, what knee savers are, and which chest protectors support the youth leagues of your area.

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Top Louisville Catchers Gear


Louisville catcher’s gear includes chest protectors, throat guards, leg guards, helmets, and catching full kit. Louisville brand uses adult, intermediate, and youth sizes classes.

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Catcher’s Helmet


A catcher’s helmet must be very convenient, and it is essential to find one that will suit your player’s requirements completely. The straps are connected to a harness built of diverse materials to safer grab the helmet.

The hockey-style helmet has related adjustment straps with an extra choice of pushing the chin pad up and down, ahead and behind, to increase the helmet’s fit.

Louisville Slugger TPX Catcher’s Helmet


Best Youth Catcher Gear For 7-9 Years Old


Color: Scarlet
Sport: Baseball
Item Weight: 1 kg 360 g

Louisville Slugger TPX catcher’s helmet comes with fashioned closed-cell foam that offers superior convenience and fits the user. Moreover, it has a leather chin pad that gives excellent insight and security.

With the help of a leather chin pad, your athlete is able to view everything clearly, and if the ball hits the player’s mouth, the TPX catcher’s helmet won’t make you disappointed.

If you are a school or college student and playing baseball, hockey, or softball, then the Louisville Slugger TPX catcher’s helmet is the excellent choice for your protection and best performance!


❖Superior comfort
❖Great protection
❖Leather chin pad
❖Perfect fit


❖Available only in one size.

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Mitts or gloves are distinct from regular baseball or softball gloves. For one, they have more filling and are longer than those of other athletes. Best Catchers’ mitts are distinctive because they don’t have cut-out thumbs individually in the glove as different areas do.

This unusual design will allow the catcher to reach the fastballs for a more extended time without the mitt breaking down. Hence, these gloves are usually more robust than those who play other positions, and they take a long span to burst in.

Louisville Slugger Series Youth Baseball Glove 10.5 LHT


louisville slugger gloves


Size 10.5″
Package Dimensions : 7.5 x 6.4 x 1.7 inches

The Louisville Slugger Series mitts are explicitly created for the youth-growing player. These mitts have a full texture leather palm that gives power and strength with no break-in time. This series additionally provides the X-Trasoft with Palm Lining that improves satisfaction in the game.

These gloves are a great glove design for every point on the field. The Louisville Slugger Series further highlights game-ready ultra-soft elements that are used for enhanced playability. Louisville Slugger has ever been the first runner in glove quality.


Narrower finger stalls
❖Smaller wrist break
❖Snug fit
❖Ultra-soft materials


❖ Only available for Youth category athletes.

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Catching Full Kit


One point to regard is that you won’t require to buy each piece explained above in most cases. Louisville offers a full catcher’s gear kit that involves everything. They also give a discount on most matters. After all, if you want all of this gear, you must save as much cash as possible.

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set


Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set



Product Dimensions : 24 x 18 x 21 inches
Color: 3 colors available

Louisville Slugger, a brand connected with just the best fungo bats in baseball, sets exceptional performance in athletes’ games worldwide. They have managed products created to assist each hitter in owning the plate by their continued commitment and discovery.

Play at the peak of your game; the Louisville Slugger Series 5 includes a helmet, leg protectors, and chest guard. Unique lighter, exactness pad designed chest protector suits better than ever before and doesn’t drive when cringing.

High-density foam padding decreases the ball-on connection, and a unique over-the-shoulder gear improves form fit. More pad holes enable the pads to adjust to the body entirely.

Perforated net lining with metallic screen cover decreases weight and generates better airflow. An anatomically motivated double-knee design enables a better fitting leg guard and a less limited variety of motion.

The helmet has many characteristics you’d find in more costly equipment. It fits all NOCSAE rules and gives an inclusive view of the whole field.

After all, one of the more essential things than being a catcher is the capability to view the entire field at all times, so you don’t miss any crucial opposing shifts or runners starting too much.

The old pro-styled chest guard and leg protectors agree to keep you well preserved and happy. The leg guards themselves highlight a double knee design that is nearly standard for the most reliable equipment you will get.

This dual knee design does an excellent job of satisfying the knee area while keeping you mobile and healthy while in the crotch area.


❖NOCSAE certified
❖Comfortable to wear
❖Pad designed
❖Sleek bright finishing

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Louisville Catchers Gear Buying Guide


If you are buying gear for a kid, don’t purchase the equipment to believe that the kid will grow into it. Badly fitted accessories can lead to pain, mainly if the shield passes when the ball hits. Here are some points to consider when buying Louisville catchers gear:


This is at the top of the table when you are considering purchasing the gear. Protection is by far a crucial characteristic to look for.


While catchers’ gear may not be the most suitable, getting protective equipment as convenient as possible is crucial, as catchers require to change position regularly.


Will the player be playing a long-span season with several plays? You will need to remember about buying gear that can continue for a lengthy time.


Catchers that just play occasionally will give less on things that won’t continue long versus the athlete who will play at least one game a week during many seasons.


Catchers’ gear sizing is as essential as choosing quality gear. If you love quality accessories, but it is in the incorrect size, it won’t act well, if at all, for security.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best catcher’s gear for youth?


Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set is specially designed for youth athletes. It is famous because of its long-lasting nature, cost, and convenience. The main reason for buying this brand’s kit is its precision pad that feels connected to the body.

How long does catcher gear last?


The helmet lasts for 1-2 years if used carefully. Best Youth Catchers Chest protector works well as long as it matches the leg guards and helmet. Mitts stay for 2-4 years if used correctly. Talking about leg guards, they last for approximately one year.

What is the best fastpitch catcher’s gear?


Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set is the best fastpitch catcher’s gear. Why? Because all gear included in this kit properly fits the user and helps athletes play the game well!

What’s the most challenging position in baseball?


Catching is by far the most challenging because he is included in every single pitch, is liable for calling pitches, playing to players and hitters’ powers and flaws, on-field tactics, and literally being the opposing leader.

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Wrap It Up


Louisville is a famous brand that built catcher gear for all levels of catcher from youth to adult; Louisville has used its unique brand appearance to give perfect accessories at an affordable cost.

Several catchers will usually opt for the more famous brands like All-Star, Easton, and Under Armour, but you shouldn’t believe what you will get when proceeding with Louisville.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose Louisville catcher’s gear according to your size and color choice, and be ready to play like a pro!

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