Best Batting Helmets For 7-8-Year-Old Players [Guide 2023]

Baseball Helmet For 7-8-year-old


All the baseball lovers might know the essence of helmets in the overall pieces of equipment for the game. Especially for the young players, helmets play an essentially critical role. A sound and right-sized helmet protect young players from any uncertain bouncebacks and game injuries, keeping them safe and comfortable. The main idea is to protect the head from the pitcher and the balls.

Since the professionals are trained and used to handling situations of a high pitch, the helmets add to their specialization. Thus, the youth players need more protection and acquire the Best Batting Helmets For 7-8-Year-Old Players.

There is a wide range of helmets varying based on catcher gear size chart and composition. The right side of the helmet is required as much as the pieces of equipment of catchers helmet youth. Choosing the best helmet for your kid can be a daunting decision as it should not only be right for him but also be composed of the just and apt materials and standards.

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The Best Baseball Helmets Reviewed by Catchersports


Here we bring the list of Best Batting Helmets For 7-8-Year-Old Players to help you choose the one for you.

Rawlings RCFTB Coolflo NOCSAE T-Ball Molded Helmet, Black, 6 1/4 – 6 7/8Rawlings RCFTB Coolflo NOCSAE T-Ball Molded Helmet, Black, 6 1/4 – 6 7/8
  • Ideal for TBALL Players: This batting helmet features the traditional CoolFlo Design and is crafted with the batter's protection as the number 1 priority
  • Meets NOCSEA standards
  • Pre drilled for rawlings nocsae approved face guards
  • Abs plastic shell with clear coat, molded finish
  • Sizing: 6 1/4” – 7 1/8”
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EASTON PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet w / JAW GUARD, Junior, Left-Handed Batter, Matte BlackEASTON PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet w / JAW GUARD, Junior, Left-Handed Batter, Matte Black
  • MDP Multi-Density Protection with 3 layers of impact absorbing density foam
  • BioDri liner fabric with wrapped air mesh side walls for moisture management
  • Matte finish with tonal metallic accents
  • ABS thermoplastic shell engineered for maximum protection
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Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Softball Batting Helmet, Softball Accessories, Softball Gear, XX-Small, Metallic SilverSchutt Sports AiR 5.6 Softball Batting Helmet, Softball Accessories, Softball Gear, XX-Small, Metallic Silver
  • The AiR 5.6 utilizes the AiR–XE shell, a dynamic shell design that's engineered for a truer fit and maximum ventilation
  • Built for performance and protection, this helmet features a uniquely engineered and patented polymer that is superior to foam padding
  • 14 vent holes that maximize ventilation
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DeMarini Paradox Fitted Pro Batting Helmet, Charcoal, Extra Small (6 5/8-6 3/4)DeMarini Paradox Fitted Pro Batting Helmet, Charcoal, Extra Small (6 5/8-6 3/4)
  • Dual density padding fitted specifically to your head size
  • Premium Rubberized matte finish
  • Strategic venting System keeps your heads cool
  • Low profile shell for superior fit
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Rawlings Mach 1-Tone Right Batting Helmet W/Adjustable Face Guard Right Handed Adjustable, Senior, Matte BlackRawlings Mach 1-Tone Right Batting Helmet W/Adjustable Face Guard Right Handed Adjustable, Senior, Matte Black


  • IMPAX foam technology absorbs and disperses force when it hits the ground.
  • Has 9 customizable settings offer a better balance of performance and visibility without sacrificing coverage for the player.
  • Features a quick-drying liner with wrapped jaw pads.
  • Meets NOCSAE Helmet Certification
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EASTON Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet, Junior, Matte BlackEASTON Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet, Junior, Matte Black


  • THE Z5 2.0 HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A FRESH NEW LOOK and meets the NOCSAE standard for all levels of play
  • ABS plastic provides an excellent protective shell against high impacts
  • Dual Density Foam absorbs sweat and pulls it away from your head
  • Wrapped Ears makes this helmet highly durable through the rigors of constant play
  • NOCSAE Approved: Meets the NOCSAE standard for Baseball/Softball batting helmets
  • Grip finish
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Significant factors to consider in choosing a youth baseball helmet for 7 to 8 years old players


  • Material

There are two essential materials that one needs to take care of:-

  1. Padding material
  2. Exterior material

The padding material refers to the inside of the helmet, which provides comfort to the head of the players and absorbs any shock from the outside. It has to be solid and soft to retain its shape and be secured from the inside.

On the other hand, exterior material makes the exterior of the helmet, resist the outside impacts of baseballs, fungo bats for softball, or the ground. It should be tough to withstand the external forces. The best preferable material for the exterior of the helmet is ABS plastic which provides an additional layer of protection to the exterior shell.

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  • Size

The most important factor of a helmet is its size. A wrong-sized helmet is neither comfortable for the kids nor provides the level of protection that it should. A wrong fit is hard to put on, and to play the entire game with an inaccurate fit over the head is a frustrating job.

Therefore, you should ensure that you are taking the right size of helmet for your kid. If you are not able to figure out the right size, you shall take help from the measurement chart or an expert coach to guide you through it.

Usually, the right size for 7 to 8 years old players ranges in dimensions between 6 and 7 inches in circumference.

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  • Price

The prices of the helmet, at times, can be a changing factor in deciding which helmet shall be chosen. The costs of helmets vary from a reasonably affordable range to premium quality helmets. It is more of a misconception that only expensive helmets are capable of providing the standard quality.

Instead, a good helmet on your budget can also be the right choice. So it is not sensible to spend large sums of money on the best youth catchers’ gear player helmets as you would have to change them in a couple of years anyways.

Thus, you shall choose a good quality helmet of a mid-range to provide protection, as well as comfort to the 7-8-Year-Old Players.

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Some Of The Best Batting Helmets For 7-8-Year-Old Players


Rawlings Coolflo T-Ball Helmet


Rawlings Coolflo T-Ball Helmet

The foremost preferable Helmet for 7-8-Year-Old Players is the rawling catcher Coolflo T-Ball Helmet. It offers a comfortable fit to the youth players and is composed of dual-density foam to soften the head around all the sides. It is a complete package as it provides both safety and ease.

In addition, its outer shell is made up of ABS plastic, making the helmets extra durable and enduring. It acts as a cherry on the cake for those players who are more exposed to head injuries during the game.

It comes in 6 1/4 – 6 7/8 sizes for the 7 to 8 years old players.

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Premium Helmet: EASTON z5 2.0


Easton PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet

The premium helmet Easton 2.0 has an edge over other helmets because of the following two areas:-

  1. A customizable exterior shell provides an extra layer of protection, enabling the players to customize the helmet by adding the team’s logo or sticker.
  2. Interior padding, makes the players feel relaxed.

Its interior protection is provided by padding of dual-density foam-lined with BioDry liners.

The BioDry liners operate to:-

  1. Soak moisture fast
  2. Cause the youth player sweat-free
  3. The players get comfortably dry throughout their entire match.

Furthermore, the ear pads are encased in auxiliary defense layers, extending beyond the ear to the jaw, protecting the sides of the face.

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Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Helmet


Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Helmet

Schutt Sports Air 5.6 is a budget-friendly option. Since it is not advisable to spend too much on a youth player’s helmet as you would have to change it in some time anyways, switching to an older youth player’s helmet, Schutt sports air 5.6 is the best affordable option. It comes with TPU cushions and a plastic shell.

The TPU cushions absorb the impact and provide a comfy and safe fat with guard layers. In addition, there are preinstalled chin straps and ponytail channels attached at the back, catering to the different requirements of players.

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DeMarini Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet


DeMarini Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet

The DeMarini Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet is tailor-made for the players who play for long-duration all day long. It comes in the size range from 6 to 7 5/8. Made up of dual-density padding and plastic shells.

It consists of exclusively placed strategic vents on the helmets. Functions as a ventilating space keeping the players cool and comfy. The vents happen to be extremely sensitive as wrongly placed vents can prevent the helmets from performing their usual functions of safety. Therefore, they are designed in a way that allows the helmets to provide optimum cooling along with safety.

Now, coming to the outer shell is built with a sturdy structure that makes the helmet strong enough to be less fragile. In addition, it is a low-profile helmet giving the player a better and broad vision without compromising the comfort and safety that it provides. Therefore, it can prove to be a perfect helmet for those who appreciate the vent technology and classic structure.

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MACH Matte Batting Helmet


MACH Matte Batting Helmet

MACH Matte Batting Helmet is a usual 5 rating helmet. It is known for its extension flap for extra jaw protection. It is built with the following materials:-

  1. IMPAX foam padding
  2. Plastic shell

It comes in the size range of 6 1/2 – 7 3/4. It has a different material composition of IMPAX foam padding, soaking the impacts from the hit on the exterior shell. This is one of the reasonable reasons that it has been on customers’ lists forever that the youth players are prone to taking hits on the head, so the protection is suitably up to the mark.

The extensive flap for extra jaw protection is customizable built-in inside the helmet. The customization is made specifically for the left and right-handed batters, making it a right choice for all. The extra jaw and cheek protection safeguards the youth players from extreme injuries and prevents tragic mishaps.

The helmet is the best choice for the youth players of 7 to 8 years of age who are new at the game, in the process of learning and need more protection.

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EASTON ALPHA Batting Helmet


EASTON ALPHA Batting helmet

EASTON ALPHA Batting helmet is a different build helmet. It comes in bright and vibrant colors, making it the most demanded helmet amongst the kids. Easton comes in the size range of 6 1/4 – 7 3/4 and is formed of Dual-density foam and ABS plastic shell.

It has the unique feature of a removable faceguard fastened to the helmet. Easy to remove, so if the player is playing a casual game or isn’t comfortable playing with it, he can remove it smoothly. This makes it the best choice for someone who is unsure about what level of protection he wants.

The bright and vibrant colors have an additional glossy finish, adding to the style and looks of the players. So, the kids can choose any color which suits their character. As a bonus, it gets compatible with the separately bought chin straps and jaw guards, so you can customize it as per your needs.



Picking an apt helmet is indeed not an easy task. Thus, it is important to be aware of the different sizes, materials, styles, and types of the helmet is composed, so as long as you keep in mind the details of sizes and accessories, you will have an aid in getting to the right decision.

Hopefully, the article was informative and helpful for you to cut down on your decision regarding the Best Batting Helmets For 7-8-Year-Old Players.

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