What Size of Baseball Glove For 11 Year Old [Buying Guide 2023]

Best Baseball Glove Sizing Guide


Best baseball glove for 11 year old

If your 11-year-old is ready to start playing baseball, it’s time to invest in a glove for him or her. But when it comes to picking the right size, things get a little more challenging. In the National Youth Baseball Association, a baseball glove is made up of seven total sizes that range from 7-11. The idea is to find the size where your player will feel most comfortable.

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The problem is there isn’t a perfect catchers gear size chart you can use from one brand to another. Although most gloves are made with a similar sizing system, the exact sizes vary a bit from one brand to another. When you consider that some kids grow more quickly than others, it can be difficult to find the right size for your child.

Parts of a Baseball Glove:

The baseball glove, normally made from cowhide leather, is comprised of several pieces. In the following sections, we will review each piece and what they do for your glove.

The palm is the inside of the glove where the hand goes when holding a bat. The palm will also protect your hands when taking a swing.

In addition to protecting the hands, the palm helps provide for a better grip on the bat by providing additional padding.

The back of the palm is made from a durable material; some players will choose to purchase a custom-made glove for durability.

The back of the glove is where the wrist strap is located. Wrist straps keep the glove on the player’s hand and prevent it from slipping. They also add support and provide extra protection for hands that are getting older or if you want your child to improve their batting technique.

Most players between the age of 7-11 use 10.25″ – 11.5″ for infield players and 11.5″, 12″ for outfield players using best outfield gloves. High school players, normally in the age of 14-18, will use a glove with 13.5″ – 14″.

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There are many different types of baseball gloves. The two most common types are high-end and mid-range. High-end gloves are usually more durable and they offer a lot of features that will help improve your batting performance, such as:

Mid-range gloves cost less than high-end gloves but there is a wide array between the quality, durability, and performance of each glove.

Breaking a glove in:

The high-end gloves are normally broken in by the second week of baseball. The mid-range gloves can be broken in after a few weeks. Breaking a glove in is something you must do with caution because not only will it cause your glove to get damaged, it can also lead to big problems if the glove doesn’t break in properly. When breaking a glove in, you need to make sure that you don’t apply too much force when breaking the leather.

When you break a high-end glove in, it will feel light and comfortable. Break a mid-range glove in, you might feel that the leather is a little bit stiff.

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Maintaining the glove:


The best way to maintain your glove is by using products like Rawlings catchers gear & Rawlings Glove Dressing – Original Leather Conditioner, Wilson Glove Lube (formerly Wilson Glove Conditioner), and others. These products will make your glove last longer and will keep it in good condition. Additionally, you can keep your gloves looking new by cleaning them with a cloth or even by hand.

A glove can last a long time if you take care of it. Contrary to popular belief, the leather shouldn’t be cleaned with soap and water; using those methods can end up weakening the leather and causing it to become brittle over time. Instead, you should always use a special product called leather wipes. These products are specially formulated to clean the leather without damaging it or drying out. There are many different types of leather wipes available for different types of gloves so you won’t have any trouble finding what is best for your gloves.

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As a general rule, a baseball glove should be replaced every three years. The three-year life span is based on how often your son or daughter plays and practices. Playing twice a week will wear out a glove in about two years. Also, keep in mind that quality gloves can be played for more than three years but they will need to be replaced because the leather has gotten too brittle and no longer offer adequate protection from the ball.

Top 5 best baseball gloves for 11-year-olds


Rawlings Heart of The Hide R2G Baseball Glove, Black/Camel, 10.75 inches, Basket Web, Right Hand Throw

Rawlings Heart of The Hide R2G Baseball Glove


Rawlings is a well-known name in baseball production. The assortment of products rolls out from the Rawlings site is very comprehensive and is a great choice for a number of players. The black/camel color scheme of this glove looks sleek and appealing. It has a gray interior lining which is made from calfskin leather and it also uses a black web strap for reinforcement on the back. This glove is made from top-grade leather and it will last generations as long as proper maintenance is kept up with. There is an initial break-in period, but the user will find that this glove will be able to handle any and all balls thrown at it. The inside finish is smooth and the leather won’t rub or cause unnecessary blisters to form. The grip on this glove is reliable and it doesn’t require regular maintenance other than the occasional cleaning.


– Slim and narrow for great control and reach, especially on those hard to catch line drives

– Soft and flexible feel with a snug fit that is perfect for the player who likes to dig and dive for any ball hit at them.


– There may be an initial break-in period, but other than that, this glove is ready for regular use.

Wilson A2000 2800 12″ First Base Baseball Glove – Left Hand Throw

Wilson A2000 2800 12


Wilson is a very well-known name in the baseball equipment industry and they provide a great range of products for players of all skill levels. This baseball glove is designed for the first base player. It can be used by both lefties and righties. The black color looks sleek and sharp, but it will do well to remember to take good care of this glove so that it can last long enough to be passed down to your younger player.

The glove uses pro-grade leather and wilson catchers gear uses a dual welting construction to create the pocket and the wrist. The pro stock leather and the Dri-Lex lining will keep your hand cool and moist, which is essential for any player who likes to catch the ball. The design of this baseball glove allows for a snug fit while allowing the pitcher to get the best grip on the ball. There is an initial break-in period, but once this is achieved, this glove will be ready for regular use.


– Comfortable, grippy, and durable

– Comfortable to use and does a good job of protecting the hands from the force of a baseball being thrown at high speeds.


– There may be some initial break-in period but this is typical for any glove.


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Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series


Rawlings is well known for its quality baseball equipment. It has released a number of youth baseball gloves that are suitable for use by youngsters who are just starting to play baseball. This glove is designed for the righty players. It has smaller hand opening and lowered finger stalls, which are ideal for budding youngsters who are still growing into the game. Pro taper design gives the player a snug fit while allowing them to get full control of the ball.

The pro taper glove uses top-grade leather that is durable and long-lasting. The pro taper glove comes with a dining set that is water-resistant. This feature will help the player to avoid any excess moisture from accumulating on the hands. The pro taper glove has padded thumb sleeves to give added comfort and for better control of the bat on contact with the ball.

Overall this is a great value for a youth baseball glove and can be used by any young fielder under 11 years of age.


– Small fit for maximum control while fielding the ball.


-There may be an initial break-in period, but it should not take excessively long to get used to the feel of this glove.


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Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove


Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove



Mizuno is a highly regarded baseball manufacturer. They also provide a number of high-quality youth baseball gloves for young players. This glove is designed for the right-handed throw, and it has a small hand opening that is ideal for youngsters who are just starting to learn how to catch or catch with full control. The glove has the patented PowerClose closure. For Mizuno Catchers Gear <- Click here.

This allows for an extremely tight fit to keep the ball securely in the pocket. It’s designed with power lock technology that will keep the glove firmly closed even at full speed. Not only does this make for a comfortable fit, but it also adds extra protection to the hand while catching. The leather used in the construction of this glove is top grade and it should be able to keep up with any ball or strikes that are thrown at it.


– Excellent design for catching the ball which will protect young hands while learning to catch properly.


-It is larger than other gloves so some players may not like this.

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Kewang Baseball Glove Softball Gloves – Right Hand Throw 10.5″/12.5″ for Kids Youth Adult — Easy Break in Baseball Mitt


Wilson A2000 2800 12


Kewang baseball glove is very popular in the market because of its unique design. We use high-quality PU leather for this baseball mitt which makes it light-weight, pliable, wear-resistant to mimic the suppleness and fit of real leather. Moreover, if you are trying to catch a hard-hit baseball with this youth catchers mitt. You will realize that it has the ability to effectively absorb the energy for you. With kewang baseball glove, you would like to throw the balls back and forth with your friends or training by yourself. Kewang baseball glove is charming and makes every player be popular in the world.


-Great price for a high-quality product.

-Does not require a long break-in period.

Final Words


To sum up this guide we hope that you’ve gained a better understanding of baseball gloves. And, how to find the best one for your child. It is important for young players to learn how to properly grip. And, hold a baseball as this will make it easy for them to properly throw, catch and control the ball. Before they can play at the next level, they will need to learn how to hold their glove properly; it can be frustrating, but just a couple of hours spent playing catch can help them tremendously.

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